Preparing for the Fall: Leveraging Communities and HEDA for Student Recruitment with TargetX
Student Success
Changes are abundant in today’s recruiting realm. Students are using more mobile solutions than ever before in the college search process, staff themselves have to be mobile as well, and institutions have to be comfortable adapting to these changes. Watch this webinar to hear how TargetX has created a set of solutions, leveraging Salesforce Community Cloud, to reimagine the way institutions recruit prospective students. Sasha Peterson, CEO of TargetX, discusses a mobile, student-centric and guided Online Application solution, a Student Portal that tracks, manages, and reviews decision letters, and a Decision Module built for “on the go” admissions staff to read and review applications.

Jason Belland, Director of Higher Ed Product Management at, joins Sasha to talk about TargetX’s embrace of the new Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and their plans to build on HEDA moving forward. Make sure you’re ready for the fall and armed with the right tools to recruit the right students!

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