Nonprofit Marketing with Salesforce: Marketing Cloud Deep-Dive
Marketing Cloud
In a world where we’re constantly being inundated with information on multiple devices, how do you get your constituents to stay away from that pesky “unsubscribe” button? Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is the go-to tool for nonprofits to connect to their constituents at the right time with the right message.

In this live webinar, we will cover the features that allow your organization to:

  • Create 1:1 cross journeys
  • Save time and resources with marketing automation and
  • Measure success with robust analytics

Hear from John Patton,’s Lead Solutions Engineer as he explains what the Marketing Cloud is and demos how it can be used to transform the way you communicate and engage with your constituents. The US Soccer Foundation will share how they use Marketing Cloud for their fundraising and programmatic efforts.

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