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Think Platform: The Holy Grail of Interoperability in K-12 EdTech

Watch this free, webinar recording to learn about the possibility of true interoperability when K-12 technologists think at a platform level. The most innovative schools and states in the country are already able to get data from multiple sources and systems to speak the “same language” and flow into tools for educators and administrators in real time! Hear from presenters at the Ed-Fi Alliance—a nonprofit devoted to making interoperability achievable and scalable–which offers free, open, and usable student data standard and technology tools.

From early warning systems to college and career readiness, and more, the power and promise of data interoperability are endless. While only 10% of education IT leaders have fully implemented data interoperability, 72% have partially implemented or are in the planning phase. The starting point? A standard to ensure data from separate source systems and apps is exchanged securely to make it shareable, combinable, and connected. Ed-Fi will share why its standard is becoming the most widely adopted in K-12.


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