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Focusing on the Relationships In Nonprofit CRM

Do you have a clear picture of all your constituents and relationships you maintain?

For small and developing nonprofits, relationships are the lifeblood of their mission, with resources probably being a close second. In this webinar with Idealware we’re digging into these relationships, along with CRM strategies and tips that can connect and cultivate the people that matter most to your mission.

A CRM lets you nurture, track and analyze all the relationships your nonprofit has in meaningful ways, with less effort. This might include everyone from program participants and donors to volunteers and board members. At its best, it can provide value for almost everyone in your organization—and with many external constituents.

We will show you what’s possible with CRM, share a new report and recent research findings, along with how it can be used across a wide range of programs and areas, and help you gain additional value from CRM tools you already have. In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • What problems CRM solves from the point of view of various “personas,” or roles.
  • What core and optional features are common to most CRM solutions.
  • We’ll also share results of our independent research into CRM, including real-life examples and a chance to talk with researchers, case study participants, and subject matter experts.
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