Personalized Career and Alumni Services with HEDA and Community Cloud


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With a growing student-alumni community, the UCSB Bren School’s Career and Alumni Team needed a way to sustain their highly personalized career advising, streamline data collection and reporting, and build a more connected network.

Learn how the Bren Career and Alumni Team began using HEDA and BrenConnect, a Community Cloud-powered networking and career resources portal, to:

  • Connect students and alumni
  • Provide career resources via a custom Alumni Finder, Networking Groups, Knowledge articles, and static Lightning pages on BrenConnect
  • Track career advising, student job/internship placement, and key student and alumni information via Cases, Campaigns, and custom forms in HEDA

The team will highlight solutions to student, alumni, and staff needs, provide a demo of BrenConnect and Salesforce tools, and share lessons learned from migrating to a Salesforce-powered CRM and launching an online community.