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As the need for senior care rises, and the options for senior care increase, Senior Living Communities may find it difficult to stand out from the crowd. Your organization needs an integrated sales and marketing solution that helps you generate and score new leads, automatically communicate to your waitlist, easily show you how sales is performing across multiple facilities, and reach the children of today’s seniors across multiple channels such as mobile and social. Learn how Salesforce can help your sales and marketing teams drive more leads, and close more sales. Hear from Michelle Nessman, VP of Sales at, on how Salesforce has helped their communities. Doug Ricks, President of the Lansdale Group, a Salesforce Partner specializing in Salesforce implementations for Senior Living Communities will also demonstrate the Salesforce solution and specific enhancements designed for Senior Living Communities. Learn more about the Salesforce products or about the Power of Us product donation program for nonprofits and higher ed institutions.

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