Drive your Mission Forward with AI: Best Practices for Smarter Impact

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Artificial intelligence is more accessible than you think. It all comes down to how you gather, structure, and think about your data.

Watch this hour-long master class to hear best practices on leveraging your data to get predictive about your donor interactions, constituent engagement, and touchpoints with your beneficiaries.

Master Class Syllabus:

  • Leverage AI to gain important insights on constituent touchpoints so you can predict their behavior and set up the next best action
  • Build custom predictions to identify which donors and opportunities are most likely to help you reach your fundraising goals
  • Identify at-risk clients and populations to flag for deeper intervention
  • Automate repeatable processes and communications so you can focus on personal interactions

Learn more about Salesforce for Nonprofits or about the Power of Us product donation program for nonprofits and education institutions.

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