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From Direct Mail to Digital: How Fundraising is Evolving

On-demand webinar

Fundraising is evolving – and fast. New technologies and channels are arising to meet donors where they are and help nonprofit organisations build their donation and donor base.

As nonprofits aim to attract a new generation of advocates and supporters to remain relevant, their mindset must adapt and change. It’s no longer just about raising funds, it’s about building and creating long-lasting meaningful relationships.

Watch this webinar to hear leaders in the industry discuss the future of fundraising and offer advice on how to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Susan Mahon, Senior Product Marketing Manager,
  • Marco Zaugg, Founder and CEO, RaiseNow
  • Marco Kuntze, CEO, Relishing Digital
  • Jo Kerr, Residential Fellow, Newspeak House, and Digital Consultant



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