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Nonprofits Need Virtual Operations, a Data Strategy, and New Tech

Respondents believing they would operate fully virtually next year

Those needing to develop a data strategy for their nonprofit

Those who invested in new tech in the last year and said it was impactful Nonprofit Trends Report, 4th Edition cover

The 4th Edition Nonprofit Trends Report is Here

Global Research Findings

See what’s top of mind for 1,250 nonprofit professionals in U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and the Nordics in 2021.

Top Nonprofit Challenges and Innovations

Gain insight into the challenges that nonprofts have had to overcome as we operate in an increasingly virtual workspace, and where they’ve succeeded.

Department and Industry Trends

See the latest in wellbeing, DEI, fundraising, and more.

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84% of NGOs Face Challenges in Virtual Staff Management

Remotely managing employees and volunteers was a major issue for one-third of organizations this past year. And, 84% of respondents said it will remain a challenge or become increasingly more difficult.

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87% of Nonprofit Staff say DEI is Important

Nonprofit employees were asked to rate the importance of ensuring gender and racial diversity across all levels of the organization and their boards, making sure they hire from diverse gender, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

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