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Simplify and Accelerate Grantmaking

Communities need vital resources right now and grants are a critical investment to help organizations get what they need. But managing funding programs while cultivating stakeholder relationships can be tedious and time consuming when using multiple systems. With Grants Management, grantmakers have a single system built off of the world’s #1 CRM to simplify and accelerate grantmaking while facilitating greater collaboration between giver and recipient.

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Features and Benefits

Grant management software connecting programs and grants on a desktop

Connect Grants and Programs

No matter the size and scope of funding programs, with Grants Management, organizations connect programs, sub-initiatives and respective grants and understand how they’re driving the philanthropic mission forward. With access to the same data, grants and program managers alike can view funding requests, grant stages, funds disbursed and remaining balances and keep grants moving through the funding lifecycle.

Grant management software building relationships with key contacts on a desktop

Build Better Relationships

Building relationships and keeping up with changes in key contacts are an important part of grantmaking. With Salesforce, grantors leverage the world’s #1 CRM to manage all relationships with not just applicants and grantees, but also portfolio managers, board members, collaborators, reviewers, media and more. Better steward relationships by managing stakeholders and funding programs in one system.

Grant management software improving the grantee experience by making grants easier to find online

Improve the Grantee Experience

For individuals and nonprofits, finding and applying for grants takes away vital time and resources from delivering on their mission. Grantmakers can make it easy for grantees to find and apply for grants, view application status, and submit ongoing progress reports with a grantee portal that is quick to set up. It can also be branded to the grantmaker’s look and feel creating one seamless experience.

Grant management software makes it easy for grantmakers and grantees to view disbursement scheduling online

Gain Insight into Financial Commitments

When managing portfolios of all sizes, it’s important to always have a pulse on where grantmakers stand with their financial commitments. With easy-to-use disbursement scheduling, grantmakers can determine the number of payments and timeline, note what is required from the grantee prior to receiving funds, and understand upcoming disbursements and commitments. Grantees can gain visibility into this information too through the grantee portal.

Grant management software allows grantmakers to build and view reports online to measure impact

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Grantmakers collect a lot of data and with Salesforce they can put it to good use. With pre-built, ready to use reports, they can gain insights into populations served, awards requested, total funding by year and program, grants with upcoming milestones, and more. All of this while laying the groundwork for adding on more advanced impact measurement tools.

Members of the community of nonprofits, grantmakers and partners

Built Alongside the Community

Grants Management leverages Outbound Funds Module as its foundational layer of innovation. In an incredible show of sector collaboration, Outbound Funds Module was built by the community of nonprofits, grantmakers, partners, and staff under the Open Source Commons program. adopted the free and open source Outbounds Funds Module and continues to innovate alongside the community to further develop solutions for the grantmaking sector.

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