Giving Tuesday 2017

Your Guide to #GivingTuesday

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[wptabtitle]Why #GivingTuesday?[/wptabtitle]

Why #GivingTuesday?

You’re sitting in your office on November 21st. You’re fielding texts from your mom about what time your flight home lands. At the very moment you begin to map out our Turkey Day plate real estate (mashed potatoes at 3:00, green beans at 9:00, please), you scroll across a teaser for a #GivingTuesday donation match a partner organization has organized and that feeling sinks in. You missed the #GivingTuesday boat. Again. #sad

That was 2016. And here we are in 2017…the #GivingTuesday planning you’d vowed to map out in August has gone by the way of your hydration and decluttering goals (read: it never happened).

Enter: We’re here as your trail guides for all things #GivingTuesday (or #GT for short). We’ve got the maps, the virtual bug spray and the snacks. Follow us and you’ll be only steps away from a successful November 28. (This is a good time to add that date to your calendar. No shame if it isn’t on there yet. This is a safe space.)


First, let’s get some of the basics out of the way. When does #GivingTuesday occur? Great question, you greenbean loving nonprofit rockstar. #GivingTuesday is celebrated/observed the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. The key is to think about it in the same vein as Black Friday and Cyber Monday — #GivingTuesday officially kicks off the end-of-year giving season.

The impact of #GivingTuesday is huge. According to the good people at, “On #GivingTuesday 2016, $180+ million was raised online in the United States alone to benefit a tremendously broad range of causes.”

Let’s get you a piece of that $180 million, shall we?




Ask Me Anything Live Social Event

Date: October 12, 2017
Speaker: Beth Kanter, Master Trainer & Nonprofit Innovator
Description: is thrilled to have Beth Kanter as our host for the October 12 Ask Me Anything live social event! Bring all your #GivingTuesday questions to this streaming session, where we’ll have Beth live on the air to answer all your burning questions.

Background on Beth: Beth is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits. Beth has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing.

Cracking the Code on #GivingTuesday with First Book Webinar

Date: September 26th, 2017 at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT
Speaker: Susan McCullough, First Book
Description: Take a deeper look at how this organization saw repeatable success with their #GivingTuesday campaigns on Salesforce.

Watch the webinar recording today!

Background on Susan: With 17 years of progressive experience at major national nonprofit organizations in the arts and education, Susan is a seasoned and skilled fundraiser with expertise in major gifts, annual campaigns, corporate and individual giving, events and online giving.

Real Talk: Your Guide to #GivingTuesday

Date: September 7th, 2017 at 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
Speakers: Rachel Muir, Nonprofit Consultant, Trainer & Speaker at CFRE International and Mark Rovner, Founder and Principal at Sea Change Strategies
Description: We’ll kick off our Giving Tuesday festivities by spending quality time with two industry experts: Rachel and Mark. During this real talk session, we’ll hear about tips for organizations of all sizes on how to make the most of GT. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion on how to survive and strive on November 28.

Watch the webinar recording today!

Background on Rachel: When she was just 26 years old, Rachel Muir founded Girlstart, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls in math, science, engineering and technology. Several years later she had raised over 10 million dollars and was featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Today show. Rachel’s career includes leading an online fundraising consulting practice for a major software company and managing major gift portfolios for some of the country’s largest and most successful nonprofits.

Background on Mark: In his best-selling book Tribes, Seth Godin called Mark a “fundraising heretic” and a leader in the field of nonprofit communications. Over the course of his 30-year career, Mark has advanced and helped to reinvent cause-based communications and public engagement.




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[wptabtitle]Tips & Tricks[/wptabtitle]

Tips & Tricks

Collaborate on Your Social Plan
#GivingTuesday is a busy day in the land of fundraising — use Salesforce Social Studio to help your campaign go viral and stand out in the crowd.

Create a Community

Hear from our Partners

You’re not in it alone. Salesforce’s partner network is also here to help set you up for the most successful #GivingTuesday. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite resources here so partner up and get smart.




[wptabtitle]Real Talk[/wptabtitle]

Real Talk

#GivingTuesday might be over, but your end of year planning has just begun. Check out our tips for keeping the #GivingTuesday momentum all the way into the new year:



Your 2017 #GivingTuesday Guide

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Cracking the Code on #GivingTuesday with First Book

Watch our free #GivingTuesday webinar.

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Real Talk: Your Guide to #GivingTuesday Webinar

Watch our free webinar on all things #GivingTuesday.

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