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Frequently Asked Questions

On February 2, 2016, Salesforce introduced new core Salesforce editions for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to give customers more customization and configuration capabilities.’s Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud will be replaced by new Lightning Enterprise edition and Lightning Unlimited edition for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and will be priced for new customers at $36 and $72 respectively. In addition, the 10 subscriptions donated through the Power of Us Program will be upgraded to the new Lightning Enterprise Edition.

Why are we making this change?

  • Over the past 17 years, Salesforce has delivered thousands of features across its products, increased its data center capacity, and it continue to make its systems more trusted, bringing additional value to our customers.
  • With all of the exciting new products and features introduced over the years, and with the 50th release of Salesforce approaching, Salesforce took a close look at how it package core products.
  • Salesforce analyzed historical buying and usage patterns to understand what our customers valued most, and listened to customers and partners of all sizes through surveys and conversations.
  • The feedback was clear — our customers want more customization and configuration capabilities in our Sales Cloud and Service Cloud editions, and they want us to bundle in certain additional features that have been sold separately.
  • The new Lightning editions include more capabilities that better reflect how customers are using our products. And the new, simplified packaging reflects the value we are delivering.
To learn more about why we changed our plans, check out our blog post.

When does it go into effect?

New customers can purchase the new Lightning editions starting in May of this year.

What happens for existing customers?

Existing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customers will automatically receive the capabilities and features of the new Lightning editions on a rolling schedule starting in May of this year. They will not need to change editions.

What will happen to the Foundation EE offering? will no longer offer Foundation EE to new customers. However, it will continue to be offered to existing customers at this time.

When customers come up for renewal, can they stay on their existing edition?


Are the new Lightning editions offered at a higher price point than the current editions?

Yes. We created the new editions to better match how customers buy and use our products. The new editions include additional functionality that many customers were buying a la carte, thus delivering more value.

Are international prices changing?

Yes. Foreign currency pricing for new customers will be adjusted in May 2016.

If a Power of 10 customer wishes to purchase additional licenses, what can they purchase?

P10 customers purchasing additional subscriptions May 1 onwards will be able to buy the Lightning version of Sales Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition and / or Service Cloud Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition at the new pricing.

Do I need the new Lightning editions to get access to the Lightning Experience today?

No. The Lightning Experience is the new user experience for Salesforce. It is available today in all of our current editions.

Are any of the prices for other products changing?

As part of the rollout of the new Lightning Editions, we are also simplifying pricing for a few additional products including Communities,,, and SalesforceIQ CRM. More information is available from your account executive.

Additional Questions?

Current customers, please contact your account executive if you have any additional questions.