The Transformational Journey to Campus-Wide CRM

Ovum Report: The Transformational Journey to Campus-Wide CRM

A practical guide to harnessing second-wave CRM adoption for more powerful student lifecycle management.

Disruption in the higher education industry has created an imperative need to adopt campus-wide CRM strategies to support a platform of engagement across the entire student lifecycle. While the adoption of CRM solutions has proliferated, particularly around recruitment and development activities, many colleges and universities are struggling to make significant progress beyond department-led initiatives.
Challenges still exist across multiple factors, however, some institutions have boldly persisted, and their early initiatives are delivering results. This report will explore the powerful lessons to be learned from the successes of Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin Extension and University of Miami to help other institutions make progress with campus-wide CRM. Download this report to learn why:
  • The value is clear but the path is not for campus-wide CRM.
  • A broad range of stakeholders will influence success.
  • Investing in the right processes creates a virtuous cycle.
  • It’s vital to choose right solution providers and partners.
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