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Higher Ed San Diego

Higher Ed Summit 2019

Join us for Higher Ed Summit, a Community Tradition
The 7th Annual Higher Ed Summit
Co-Hosted by and the University of San Diego

Higher Ed Summit is where education, innovation, and community come together. Over the course of two-and-a-half days, attendees learned and shared ideas, made new connections, and got inspired. The Summit is a celebration of all of the ways our community is driving a wave of change.

In 2019, Higher Ed Summit was co-hosted by the University of San Diego, an institution that’s known as a changemaker in higher ed.

There’s nothing quite like Higher Ed Summit. Yes, it’s the can’t-miss innovation event of the year for higher ed trailblazers. But it’s so much more than an ed tech conference. Higher Ed Summit is a community celebration, a space for personal and professional development, and a glimpse into the future of education.

Each year we come together at the Summit it’s like a family reunion for our education trailblazers. It’s a time filled with excitement, laughter, ‘aha’ moments and most importantly fun! Discover more or relive the experience with the session recordings.

Session Recordings

Keynotes, Roadmaps, Panels & Podcasts Education Cloud: The Platform for Changemakers
Live from San Diego! It's Education Empowered: The Higher Ed Podcast Events for the Connected Campus
Higher Education Leaders Pre-Keynote with Huron
Innovation in Higher Ed with Education Cloud Pre-Keynote with Sitecore and Appirio
Higher Ed Summit Awards
Tara Westover Pre-Keynote and Attain
Panel: Innovative Best Practices from Online Institutions
Making the Change: Meeting the College Persistence Challenge
Around the Corner and Across the Globe: Meet Trailblazers Just Like You Through Community Groups Admissions & Recruitment Utilizing the Power of Salesforce for an Innovative Enrollment Process (E)instein = (m)anaging (C)onversions and (C)hange in Enrollment Mgmt (E=mC2)
Automate Prospective Student and Scholarship Tracking
Best practices for Integration and leveraging Einstein for Admissions
Building a Salesforce-Native Campus Visit Experience
Give Me the Leads! High-Impact Recruit Management for Higher Education
If You Give a University Salesforce for Admissions and Recruiting...
Flexible Enrollment Process Engine
Education Cloud: The Platform for Changemakers
HLS Financial Aid Transformed - Students Engaging in the Application Lifecycle Events for the Connected Campus
Keynote Panel: How Higher Education Leaders Are Demystifying the Future of Work
Transforming the Recruiting Experience with Salesforce
Case Management, Emails, and E-Forms: A Salesforce Love Story
Lightning Flows for Recruitment
Transform Front Door Services at your University
Integrations, Payments, and What We Know Now: Implementing the EASY Application
Recruit, Engage and Introduce New Revenue with Comprehensive Event Management
The Applicant You've Always Wanted at a Price You Can Afford
Automate Prospective Student and Scholarship Tracking
Building a Dynamic Student Experience with Salesforce
Leveraging Pardot with HEDA to Support the Online Prospect Lifecycle Student Success/ Satisfaction/ Experience Use HEDA's Program Plans to Define Requirements for Student Success
Boosting Student Engagement with Innovative Digital Experiences
Leadership Panel: Transforming Organizations to Reimagine Student Success
Skilling Up Your Students for the Digital Workforce
Case Management, Emails, and E-Forms: A Salesforce Love Story First in Line: How Fairfield Transformed Teaching & Learning with Quip
Improving UNLV's Student and Faculty Engagement with a Purpose-built Platform
Implementing a Universal Management Queue tool for Appointments and Walk-ins
Discovering Student Voices: Utilizing Salesforce in Retention Efforts
How to Use Text Messaging to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Students
Student 360: Using A Salesforce Community to Make Student Life Easier
Transforming the Student Experience through Journey Building
Coding Bootcamps and Other Student Programs via Seamless Data Collection
Transforming at a Global Level: Tecnologico de Monterrey's New Educational Model SAL Using Alerts and Surveys for Early Intervention
ASU Advisor Portal: a University-Wide Strategy for Proactive Outreach
Discovering Student Voices: Utilizing Salesforce in Retention Efforts
Implementing Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL) for Whole Student Advising
Implementing SAL at UMass Lowell: Building Upon Our Student Success Strategy
SAL- Not just appointments, advising engagement
Salesforce Advisor Link Roadmap and Demo Corporate Relations/ Career Development Transparency, Alignment and Impact: How to Leverage CRM for Corporate Engagement
Uncover Student Interests & Revolutionize Job Placement with Community Cloud
ASU Online's Corporate Employee Recruitment and Enrollment with Salesforce
Career Success and 360 Degree Employer Engagement
Careers, Relationships, Marketing - Transforming Career Development with "CRM"
Tracking University Partnerships & Engagements using Salesforce Communities Student 360: Using A Salesforce Community to Make Student Life Easier
How BrenConnect is Connecting Students, Alumni and Much More Research Centers Power Up Your Academic Research Centers with Salesforce
Research Findings to Policy Change: Measuring the Impact of Research
Managing Global Grant Award Programs with Salesforce Marketing  The Journey to a Journey: An NAU/KELL Partners Marketing Cloud Use Case Maximize Deliverability: The Value of Partnerships in Higher Ed Email Marketing
Personalize Email in Marketing Cloud with AMPscript & Dynamic Sender Profiles
Tactile Marketing Automation: Touchy-Feely Doesn't Have to be Manual Anymore
Building a Digital Strategy for Higher Education
Delivering Multiple and Overlapping Audience Experiences that Matter - at Scale
Leveraging Marketing Cloud and Salesforce for Better Conversion
Higher Education Marketing Leadership Panel
The Magic Button Advancement
Using Wealth & Lifestyle Data to Enhance Fundraising Using Journey Builder for Reunions: Getting Alumni to Come Back and Give Back
Advancement & The Connected Campus: Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Story Advancement Leadership Session: CASE's Alumni Engagement Metrics Framework Advancement Systems powered by Salesforce Advancing Digital Fundraising for Higher Ed One Relationship at a Time Alumni Degree Completion Program at Berklee: A Port for Flexible Pathways Do's and Don'ts of Implementing Change and a New Advancement Solution Fundraising Intelligence to Power Your Advancement Program Georgetown 360: Empowering Deans, Business Managers, and Advancement Officers GEM TDTM (Ta-dah!) Magic Process Gifts in Bulk in HEDA Getting Started with Salesforce for Advancement: Planning for Success Live Demos Education Cloud Live Demo: Einstein AI for Higher Ed - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Gift Processing - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: HEDA - Higher Education Data Architecture - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Marketing Cloud for Higher Ed - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Marketing Cloud Social Studio & Ad Studio - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Overview - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Pardot for Higher Ed - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Recruiting & Admissions - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Education Cloud Live Demo: Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL) Education Cloud Live Demo: SIS Integration & Enterprise Architecture Education Cloud Live Demo: Student Success - Higher Ed Summit 2019 Strategy/ Data Architecture/ Governance/ Campus-Wide A Tale of a Salesforce Mature Org-HEDA Deployment Governance, Adoption, and ROI, OH MY! Enterprise CRM at Speed and Scale Lessons from the Road: Fixing the Leaky Workforce Pipeline from HigherEd to Tech Migrating Your Salesforce Org to HEDA on a Low Budget Re-thinking a Multi-Org Strategy within a University System Salesforce Governance & Change Management for Your University Streamlining Data Collection Practices with School-Wide Platform Adoption The Salesforce Platform in Action for Higher Ed The Secret Sauce to Quickly Building a Successful Connected Campus Then and Now: A look into the University-Wide CRM at Indiana University Understanding Our New Education Data Architecture Lehigh University: Data-Driven Decisions by Integrating Salesforce with your SIS Data Is the New Oil: Are You Set Up to Capitalize? From Inquiry to Alumni: Leveraging Data and Analytics to Improve the Journey
From Out-of-the-Box Functionality to a Connected Campus on a Few Dollars a Day Higher Education Data Architecture: Introduction & Roadmap
Lessons Learned On Migrating From Another System To Salesforce
Salesforce as an SIS: Beyond Academics
SIS and Salesforce: Bridging the data divide
Managing Events on Salesforce with Fonteva Events
Through Students Eyes: Building Successful and Scalable Salesforce Processes
The IU Core CRM Package
Strategic Partnership for Educational Transformation: Tech, Philanthropy & More Admin/ Developer CumulusCI and SFDX: Not Just for Developers Creating a Student Electronic Academic Record with Salesforce and Blockchain Remove data barriers between IT and campus with data integration Hidden HEDAnism: Exposing Secret Capabilities of the HEDA Framework Michigan State University Accelerates IT Operational Efficiency Unlike Jon Snow, Chat Bot Knows A Lot! Overcoming Complexity: Enhancing Connected Campus with External Integrations
The Power of Process - Know it BEFORE you Build it!
Other Admiral William H. McRaven Pre-Keynote with Evisions Community College Enrollment Management Powered By Salesforce Connected Community College Demo Education Cloud Q&A: The New Education Data Architecture Higher Ed Office Hours LIVE
Leveraging Community Colleges to Build Strong Talent for the Labor Market
San Diego K-12 County Office of Education: Building a Connected Culture
Understanding TDTM in HEDA

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