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Craft the Ultimate 1:1 Student Experience

Your students are everywhere.

Your students are everywhere.

They’re on Twitter and Facebook. They’re emailing and texting. They’re interacting on communities, blogs, and websites – and they’re talking about their experience with your university or college. Craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience by leveraging Salesforce for Marketing. Salesforce offers solutions that allow you to plan and optimize student interactions, deliver personalized content across all channels, and measure your impact.

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Higher Ed Marketing
"We’re closing the gap between businesses’ use of social media and academic curriculums with Salesforce. " – Dr. Jason Thatcher, Director of the Social Analytics Institute, Clemson University

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Optimize Recruiting Efforts & Manage your Brand

Listen for students who are talking about applying to your school, or those who are debating a variety of options. Simply replying to a question can make a world of difference — and it can be instrumental in turning a question into an application.

Connect With Students

Current students are online discussing an immeasurable amount of topics — including what they enjoy and what they wish they could change about your institution. Conversations cover any number of topics, from the quality of your campus wifi, to course registration issues, and what’s for lunch in the dining hall — and you don’t want to miss out.

Plan and Optimize the Student Experience

Leverage a 360 degree student view to automate programs based on opens, clicks, mobile keywords, and more – creating an ideal student journey. Create sophisticated campaigns without technical expertise and spark 1:1 conversations with students based on real-time behavior.

Keep In Touch With Alumni

It can be difficult to keep in touch with your alumni. By maintaining easy-to-locate and consistently updated social channels for your alumni groups, you’re giving former students and potential donors the opportunity to connect on their terms. Remaining engaged with your alumni through the social web is one of the best ways to maintain the already strong sense of community, fostering pride in your school that could translate to donor opportunities in the future.

Manage a Crisis

Being engaged on the social web gives you another outlet to share information with students during emergency situations. Use online channels to share information on campus evacuations, fire drills, as well as any suspicious or dangerous activity.

Measure Your Impact

Track, manage, execute, and report on campaigns from one location. Course-correct in-flight marketing campaigns and test multiple variations of content, channel, timing, and frequency to see what works.

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Higher Ed institutions have their own unique challenges and opportunities. So Salesforce creates unique solutions, geared to your industry, to help you take full advantage of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics as you transform your campus. Learn how.

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