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Marketing and Communications with Education Cloud.

Deliver unified experiences with an education marketing platform.

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Student-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

To provide actionable best practices for today’s higher ed marketing teams, we went directly to the source. We interviewed four leaders at the forefront of higher education marketing to get their ideas on what works. We then stress-tested those insights by surveying 107 recently enrolled freshmen about the marketing tactics they felt worked, and those that came up short. Read our report to learn what strategies and tactics rose to the top.

Features & Benefits

Journey Builder for Higher Education Marketing

Personalize Across Touchpoints

With Education Cloud, every department can deliver a streamlined experience every step of the way by connecting the right students and constituents with the right content at the right time. Create a comprehensive view of every contact by connecting data across sources and devices. Leverage data and AI to plan campaigns, react in real time, measure performance, optimize impact, and maximize ROI. Learn how Arizona State University increased open rates by 7% and decreased nonsubscriber rates by 90%.

Campaign tracking dashboard for higher education marketing

Empower Every Marketer

Education Cloud centralizes and streamlines operations for teams across campus by enabling marketers to maintain consistency in design and messaging to students and constituents, providing admins the ability to manage access for all users, and giving leaders visibility into performance for each user, school, and department. Learn how leaders at seven institutions have made marketing a strategic imperative.

Fill and nurture prospects for higher ed marketing

Engage Best-Fit Students

Recruitment and admissions teams use Education Cloud to fill and nurture their pipeline with quality prospects, launch personalized campaigns across channels that deliver results, and gain deeper insight with AI and analytics to optimize every interaction and measure marketing ROI. Learn how Concordia College is lowering costs and exceeding their enrollment goals.

Fundraising with Higher Ed Marketing

Boost Affinity & Fundraising

Advancement and alumni relations teams can use Education Cloud to launch campaigns that encourage alumni and donors to get involved and give back. Meet them across the channels they prefer, deliver relevant content, and provide giving and volunteer opportunities based on their interests. Drive deeper insights with data from multiple sources, apply AI and analytics to optimize every interaction and measure ROI. Learn how the University of Michigan Alumni Association reduced membership acquisition costs by 50%.

Building student engagement with higher ed marketing in Social Studio

Build Student Belonging

Advising teams can use Education Cloud to ensure that students are given every opportunity to connect with the broader campus community. Discover what makes your students tick by keeping a finger on the pulse of social channels to learn what students enjoy and what they wish they could change. Learn how Dordt University personalizes engagement for students across 35 states and 31 countries.

Create a college fan experience with with higher ed marketing in Social Studio

Connect the Fan Experience

With Education Cloud, athletics departments can promote games, events, new team gear, and more across their preferred channels. Segment fans and supporters and send them on digital journeys with personalized content that connects them to their favorite teams. On game day, deliver a connected experience by monitoring fan sentiment and responding to interactions over social channels. See how Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) improved email engagement by 20%.

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