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Dynamic Campus Visits: Automating and Personalizing Registrations, Surveys, and Analysis

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Marian University is using Salesforce to schedule campus visits and conduct follow up surveys to ensure the recruit has received complete information about the university. Marian uses the combination of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Qualtrics to seamlessly accept visit reservations, send a follow up thank you email and survey request, and mail Marian t-shirts to all who participate in the survey. Marian will demonstrate the ease of integrating the three products with a one-time setup and how automating this process with Salesforce has resulted in a 50% increase in completed surveys. In addition, the Admissions office now has immediate feedback allowing them to address all questions in a timely manner and the visit survey data is analyzed to help direct future recruiting efforts.


Mary Reiman

Mary Reiman, Director of Integration and Application Development, Marian University

Mary Reiman is the Director of Integration and Application Development at Marian University, Indianapolis. She has 15 years’ experience in both private industry and educational institutions. She has in-depth experience with the software development life cycle, system analysis, application development, database administration and scripting, and project management. Mary started her career as an application developer and database administrator, creating applications used by all faculty at one of the largest universities in Indiana. She continued her career at the university creating custom applications and then to private industry leading an application development team at a start-up company. Mary is currently directing the integration of numerous systems at Marian including software used for Medical School applications, undergraduate applications, student retention, and course management. She is also focused on institutional research creating Marian’s first data warehouse. In four years with Marian, Mary and her team of two have moved Marian University from a school with three non-integrated systems, to a school with over 30 integrated campus wide systems which aid recruiting, retention, and operations at Marian.

John Armitage

John Armitage, Enterprise Architect and DBA, Marian University

John Armitage joined Marian University in 2011 as the Enterprise Architect and Database Administrator, instantly doubling the size of the application development and support team. Besides keeping Marian databases running smoothly he also serves as the university’s Salesforce, Canvas, and SharePoint administrator. When he’s not busy working on a database or webserver, he volunteers his time to youth sports and the local Boy Scouts in Indiana.