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Communities of All Shapes and Sizes

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The communities in which you engage and serve come in all shapes and sizes – from employees to students to alumni and more. In this session, you’ll learn how Algonquin College developed and launched an Employee Community, using agile methodology and user-centric design. Algonquin will share their challenges, successes, and best practices for a successful Communities implementation that transforms the way employees communicate and collaborate. You’ll also hear how the University of Florida (UF) MBA Programs deployed a dynamic Student Community customized to each phase of the student lifecycle. Learn about how UF MBA turned chaos into community and created a thriving central resource where students ask questions, make connections, and access information.


Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell, Manager, Customer Relationship Management, Algonquin College

Laura Campbell is the Manager, Customer Relationship Management at Algonquin College. She leads the team responsible for designing and implementing solutions to achieve a single, all-encompassing view of the individual for students, clients, employees and extended community members. Laura has been with Algonquin College since 2012 and has expertise in CRM, strategic marketing, product management, recruitment, and marketing.

John Gresley

John Gresley, Director of Student Affairs, Executive and Professional MBA Programs, University of Florida

John joined UF MBA Programs in 2008. His primary function is operations and logistics. He took on the role of Salesforce champion in 2012 and has been immersed ever since. He holds an M.B.A. and M.Ed. from the University of Florida.

Kathryn Pearce

Kathryn Pearce, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Executive and Professional MBA Programs, University of Florida

Kathryn joined UF MBA Programs in 2012 and is focused on advising, communication, and student experience. She has a Master of Education from the University of Florida.