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Centralizing a Decentralized Admissions Process

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Like many other schools, the graduate schools at University of Michigan were operating in silos. Each department was essentially acting as its own individual organization – with its own admissions process and methods for tracking student information. Learn how the University of Michigan School of Education worked with their counterparts across campus to enhance communication between departments, and increase student satisfaction through the use of their CRM.


Haley Gire

Haley Gire, Recruitment Manager – School of Education, University of Michigan

Haley Gire is the Recruitment Manager at the School of Education at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. With 5 years of recruitment and admissions experience (first at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Michigan), she has worked with both undergraduate and graduate audiences in all facets of the recruitment process and is affiliated with both NAGAP and NACAC. In 2013, Haley and a group of other graduate recruitment officers began a pilot to investigate a common CRM solution across graduate schools on a highly decentralized university, leading an investigation into an enterprise solution for all campus units. Haley serves as a focal member of the CRM Graduate Admissions Pilot and a board member in the campus-wide governance committee, while she directs the School of Education. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs from Eastern Michigan University.