How to become a partner

Our partners bring the domain expertise and trusted relationships that help our customers get the most out of, and we are always looking for experienced and proven partners to join our social good mission.

Benefits of partnering with

  • Belong to a dynamic and thriving partner ecosystem
  • Engage new prospects through targeted marketing and events
  • Leverage a rapidly growing nonprofit and higher education customer base

To become a partner:

1. Become a partner. To learn about eligibility and apply, visit

2. Demonstrate that you are a domain expert in our communities by including relevant customer reviews and case studies on your AppExchange listing. If you are primarily focused on nonprofit organizations and or higher ed institutions, request “nonprofit” or “education” as your Industry categorization.

3. Once you go to market, if you are working with organizations who will require more than the 10 donated licenses provided by the Foundation’s Power of Us program, please email [email protected] with the organization name, location and size of the opportunity and we will be in touch about how we can work together.