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What We Fund

The Salesforce Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that funds initiatives aligned with Salesforce’s Education and Workforce Development strategies, which seek to create a more diverse and inclusive global workforce prepared with the skills to thrive in the 21st century. Proposals for strategic grants are accepted on an invitation-only basis. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we are not able to respond to unsolicited funding inquiries.

The Salesforce Foundation does not fund:

  • Events, sponsorships, or galas
  • Scholarships
  • Grants to individual people
  • Endowment funding
  • Lobbying of any kind
  • Social enterprises or any organization that is not a 501(c)(3) or in-country equivalent

Interested in learning more about Salesforce’s philanthropic efforts? Please visit the blog.

Giving Back at Dreamforce

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Salesforce Foundation sponsor an event or gala?
The Salesforce Foundation is not able to sponsor events or galas, and does not accept unsolicited inquiries related to sponsorship.

How can I apply for funding from the Salesforce Foundation?
The Salesforce Foundation currently accepts strategic grant proposals by invitation only. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we are not able to respond to unsolicited funding inquiries.

What does the Salesforce Foundation look for in a potential grantee partner?
The Salesforce Foundation looks at the following factors when sourcing and shaping new strategic grant partnerships:

  • Alignment with Salesforce’s Education and Workforce Development strategies in regions with major Salesforce hubs
  • Demonstrated program impact or strong evidence-informed hypotheses
  • Commitment to measurement and evaluation
  • Strong leadership team and sustainable financials
  • Opportunities that utilize our philanthropic model, including employee volunteering and pro bono support

If I don’t fit the requirements for funding from the Salesforce Foundation, what are ways I can receive support from Salesforce?
Through Salesforce’s Power of Us program, Salesforce gives nonprofit organizations and education institutions access to Salesforce products and resources to help expand their collective impact. The Power of Us Program includes 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from Salesforce. Learn more about the Power of Us program.

Salesforce also offers event spaces to nonprofit and community organizations focused on humanitarian, social, and environmental causes, including education and workforce development. Learn more about Salesforce’s Ohana Floors.