Trailhead The Fast, Fun Way to Get Started (or Get Better) with Salesforce

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Trailhead is the fun and easy way to get started with Salesforce and learn new skills on the platform. In this webinar, we show you how to get the most out of Trailhead. If you’re not using Salesforce yet, we’ll show you how Trailhead can help you get set up in just a few hours! Or, if you’re a certified Salesforce guru, watch to see how you can take your skills to the next level.

We’ll walk you through signing up for Trailhead, navigating the site, completing challenges and bragging about your badges on social media. Then, the team will share which Trailhead Modules we think are most useful for nonprofits and higher education institutions (over a thousand of which are already using Trailhead!).

So whether you’re just interested in learning more about Salesforce in general or you’re ready to take on advanced features like the Lightning Experience and Wave Analytics, this webinar will help you blaze your own trail!