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The Edge: Innovation and Intelligence Imperative

“The Edge” is a new podcast series from the makers of The Edtech Podcast, supported by that seeks out stories from Higher Education leaders doing things differently, collaboratively, and bending away from the status quo.

In today’s fast-moving world, leveraging technology is essential to deliver the personalised, proactive and continuous experiences each student expects. So is, understanding of the role of pedagogy, policy, and efficacy, in whichever context learning is taking place. But how can institutions transform the student experience, achieve operational excellence and strengthen their relationships with the community they serve embracing digital transformation?

With a desire to help the community find answers to these questions, we launched the Edge podcast series.

On this page, you will find 7 episodes featuring passionate leaders and professionals delving into how to drive digital transformation, how to create a culture open to change, curate inclusive models of leadership, make sense of data, serve the next generation of students and much more!

Episode 1 | Driving Digital Transformation & Creating a Culture Open to Change

In this episode, we talk about change and trust in a mistrustful time. Plus, how can new and old(er) universities leapfrog legacy issues? Why is digital marketing and admissions not always about volume but about curating the right cohort of future leaders? How can the cultures of academia and new agile methodologies be reconciled? Tune in to get some practical suggestions that you can implement today from Iain Harper, Head of Digital at Saïd Business School, Jake Hornsby, CIO at California State University and Jorge Villabona, CMO at ISDI Education.

Episode 2 | Equity, Equality & Diversity in Higher Ed Leadership

In this episode, we delve into inclusive models of leadership, the role of digital in supporting or aggravating existing inequities in leadership, and what current leaders think will change the dial-in diversity in Higher Education at the top, to the benefit of the sector. Tune in to hear from Charles Prince, Director of the Center for Student Success at the University East London, Karen A. Longman, Ph.D. Professor at the Department of Higher Education and Program Director at Azusa Pacific University, and Janet Rafner, Hybrid Intelligence Researcher and Director Of Learning at Aarhus University, as they share their perspective on how to drive “Equity, Equality and Diversity in Higher Ed Leadership”.

Episode 3 | The Data-led University: Making Sense Of The Numbers

In this episode, we look at how data can fuel positive change, what data blind spots to avoid, and how to make sure that you are asking the right questions to get the best from your data. Tune in to hear from Camille Kandiko Howson, Associate Professor of Education at Imperial College London, David Price, Vice-Provost of Research at UCL, Jane Armstrong, Senior Director of EMEA Industry Solutions Higher Education at Salesforce, Paul Clark, Chief Executive at the Higher Education Statistics Agency and Simon Baker, Data Editor at the Times Higher Education about the possibilities of data and the things we should consider as we work in and around it!

Episode 4 | HigherEd & Tech in 2019 and Beyond

In our final episode of 2019, we ask Vice-chancellors and Presidents of Universities what their top concerns were in 2019, what they see coming in 2025 and beyond, and the role of technology in solving some of higher education’s challenges. You’ll hear about Brexit and International Academic Relations, University and perceived value, Funding and Mental Health and Wellbeing, and the online and physical campus. Tune in to hear from Jean-Noël Ezingeard, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Roehampton, Rachel Gowers, Director of the Digital Institute London, Josep A. Planell, President of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Sigbritt Karlsson, President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Episode 5 | 1001 Student Experiences

In an effort to dispel the myth of the ‘traditional student’ we talked to a range of guests about how Universities are adapting to diverse student needs, what support systems should not be taken for granted, and the dual role of tutor and technology in helping students. We asked Warren Stanislaus, PHD Student from Oxford University, Seeta Bhardwa, Student Content Editor at Times Higher Ed, Dr Emily McIntosh, Director of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience at Middlesex University, Mukund Desibhatla, Agents of Change Student Leadership Podcast Host from University of Connecticut, as well as Sarah Knight, Head of Change & Student Experience at Jisc, about all things student experience!

Edtech podcast #6

Episode 6 | University & Industry, What is next?

University and industry share a symbiotic relationship. Universities nurture talent pipelines of the industry and are the vehicle to enhance industry innovation through research. Industry on the other hand looks to universities for diverse thinkers and agile approaches to our biggest societal problems. In this episode, we explore the ins and outs of this relationship and discuss how universities can meet the demand of our fast changing market.

Episode 7 | Celebrating Change-Makers in Higher Ed

In this final episode, we celebrate Change-Makers in Higher Ed, speaking to three leaders who have worked to implement new ways of doing things at their university. Hear our amazing guests’ failures and successes over the years as well as approaches to making change viable. Then we dive into how to make peace with technology for the benefit of the student and embrace change in higher education at a time of significant upheaval.

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