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It’s going to take community to restore community.
The 2020 Community Impact Report
Technology, when used for social good, can change the world.
Together, we can close the impact gap
As the world’s problems continue to escalate, together, we can close the gap between the impact created today, and the potential for impact in the future.
Current Impact
The Impact Gap
Potential Impact
Our Value to the Social Sector
Product Donation & Discounts
Pro Bono Value
Our Approach to Impact
Accelerating social impact with purpose-built technology.
of nonprofit and education customers say technology has improved how they get things done.
When we’re doing less of the grunt work, we can do more of the high-level thinking.”
Small Nonprofit
Convening, connecting, listening, and learning from nonprofits and educators to co-create a better future.
of questions in the Power of Us Hub are answered within 24 hours.
It’s one thing to learn from a community and make a contribution, it’s another thing entirely to have those innovations fuel impact.” Community Sprint Participant
Building social innovation capacity through partner services, pro bono and impact-led partnerships.
of customers report using a consultant/partner to build, expand or enhance their instance.
“The pro bono program has enabled us to take our nonprofit to scale... We’re spending less time on administrative tasks and more time providing our clients with housing and job opportunities.”
Raven Dudley, Senior Accountant
We hope building technology with the guidance and collaboration of our nonprofit and education community will accelerate progress on the business of doing good.”
Rob Acker
CEO, is collaborating with partners and community to build a better future, together.