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Yuval Noah Harari Headlines Education Summit 2021

By April 1, 2021

By: Nathalie Mainland, SVP and GM of Education Cloud at & Traci DePuy, Head of Global Events at

On June 16, education Trailblazers from all over the world will meet to chart a new path forward through education together. This year marks the ninth Education Summit (formerly Higher Education Summit), and the second consecutive year this will be a virtual event. Registration opens today, so make sure to sign up and join us!

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Education is the foundation on which the future rests, and K-12 and higher education institutions are the ones shaping it. We all know what a difficult year 2020 was, and that finding a collective “new normal” takes a group effort. Schools, colleges, and universities around the world have told us that learners require more from their institutions than ever before. For that reason, education is at a critical moment of evolution. New revenue models and learner experiences are continuing to emerge in today’s digital imperative. Institutions must learn from each other, share ideas for digital engagement, and find new ways to improve the lifelong learner experience as one education community.

Education Summit 2021 banner

Join us for Education Summit 2021 on June 16.

The annual Education Summit is a half-day celebration of the countless ways the education community is collectively inspiring change, pushing boundaries, and innovating to drive learner and institution success in a whole new way. And while the Summit will have all the amazing things you’ve come to expect from a Salesforce event — luminary speakers, engaging sessions, sneak peek product announcements, and invaluable networking opportunities — here are two major reasons to be excited about the education event of the year.

Yuval Noah Harari Headlines Education Summit 2021

We’re thrilled to share our virtual global mainstage with Yuval Noah Harari, considered one of the world’s most influential public intellectuals today. Harari is a professor at Hebrew University, historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens, Homo Deus, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. His books have sold 27.5 million copies in 60 languages and have been recommended by Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Chris Evans, and Janelle Monáe. He also co-founded Sapienship, a social impact company with projects in education.

Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari will speak at Education Summit 2021.

Education Summit Partner, University of Colorado

We’re excited to announce our event partner, the University of Colorado (CU) — a four-campus system comprising CU Boulder, CU Colorado Springs, CU Denver, and the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. CU President Mark Kennedy is leading an extensive digital transformation powered by Salesforce across all four of the Colorado campuses through his three-year transformation and innovation program.

As part of the digital-first initiative, CU Colorado Springs is the first early adopter to implement and onboard Admissions Connect. Built with feedback from CU and other members of’s education community, Admissions Connect is a new purpose-built tool that modernizes the application processes for K-12 and higher ed counselors by making it easier for schools to build lifelong relationships with students from day one.

As the first-ever Admissions Connect user, CU Colorado Springs uses the platform to minimize the manual processing of applications, build deeper relationships with prospective students, and provide personalized communications that students expect.

President Kennedy’s commitment to a digital transformation across CU’s four campuses is rooted in serving learners throughout their lifetime and delivering a personalized experience tailored to student needs. “Meeting the expectations and lifestyles of today’s increasingly tech-savvy learners requires moving beyond on-campus or online to instead embrace the intertwining of on-campus and online with courses and credentials,” he said.

Join us for an important conversation with President Kennedy about his vision for a digital future, and the critical importance of equity in education.

University of Colorado logo

University of Colorado is our Education Summit 2021 host.

Education Summit has always been designed to recognize and celebrate the critical contributions of the more than 10,000 education Trailblazers we have across the world. This year’s event will hold extra significance as we bring together our entire community of education Trailblazers shaping the lifelong learning experience to honor the importance of this community in 2020, and the importance of education in 2021 and beyond. Together, we can learn, evolve, and transform the education sector to ensure learners, faculty, staff, and families are always at the center of the education experience.

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Nathalie Mainland, senior vice president and general manager of Education Cloud at

Nathalie Mainland, senior vice president and general manager of Education Cloud at, has over 15 years of senior-level experience working at technology and education organizations, including Blackboard, Autodesk, and Pearson. Follow her on Twitter @nmainland.

Traci DePuy, Head of Global Events at

Traci DePuy leads the global events strategy for A strategic leader with more than 10 years of event management experience, Traci loves the opportunity to create meaningful, memorable, and awe-inspiring event experiences for the nonprofit and education customers.