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What’s in the Salesforce Winter Release ‘20 for K-12 and Higher Ed

By November 10, 2019

By: Ashley Brown, Product Manager, K-12 Student Success

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The Salesforce Winter ‘20 release brings 300 new innovations and 38 customer-led ideas to life. We know how tough it is to keep up with all of the notes, so we’re here to share a few exciting updates from this latest release. Here are the key takeaways for education institutions – from K-12 schools and districts to Higher Ed institutions.

Einstein Case Routing to help you quickly get to resolutions

Einstein Case Routing can help you resolve issues faster by automatically triaging cases. Einstein uses machine learning from past cases to predict case fields. When the prediction meets the confidence threshold, Einstein automatically applies existing routing rules to get the case in the hands of the right expert. Whether you’re using cases to improve student success or increase operational efficiency, Einstein can help you triage those cases quickly and get to a resolution faster. Learn more about Einstein Case Routing here.

Customize Einstein Case Classification confidence levels

Salesforce CMS for all of your content management needs

Salesforce CMS can help your digital leaders deliver beautiful and contextualized experiences to students, faculty and staff. The hybrid content-as-a-service Salesforce CMS can serve as the content center of gravity for all Salesforce-powered touchpoints. Salesforce CMS is a powerful tool to manage your student communities, or even channels outside of your Salesforce ecosystem. Learn more about Salesforce CMS here.

Create custom content types to meet your content creation needs.

Your Salesforce Mobile App just got a whole lot better

The new Salesforce Mobile app is bringing a whole lot of innovation to your schools this winter. Where to even start? Lightning helps unify the Salesforce desktop and mobile experience, so now you have greater consistency no matter how you access your data. Remember that time when you couldn’t customize the mobile menu? Well those days are long gone. You can now customize the entire experience in Lightning App Builder. We recommend reviewing the full mobile release notes on this update.

If that wasn’t exciting enough… Einstein Analytics is now delivering insights right to your mobile device.

Streamline your onboarding and change management with In-App Guidance

Using clicks, not code, you can create prompts with your own written content and add action buttons that take staff to an important URL of your choice. Have a new cohort of advisors joining the team? Create onboarding experiences with guided instructions that will get them up to speed quickly. Rolling out new objects or processes to your faculty and staff? In-app guidance can give them the help they need, when they need it. This is a huge help for those who prefer to dive right in – rather than reading the instructions first. Empowering your faculty and staff is increasingly important, as they are the ones behind every successful student. You can learn more about In-App Guidance here.

Make student data more secure with Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring

With real-time Event Monitoring, your data security teams can be alerted to activities in Salesforce that violate policies and put information at risk. Stream and store Salesforce events in real-time and build transaction security policies that prevent unwanted actions and alert you when suspicious behaviors occur. Create powerful transaction security policies with just clicks, or enhance them with Apex, using the new Condition Builder. For example, you can create a conditional policy to monitor reporting events involving student social security numbers, which could be a potentially suspicious activity. This real-time event monitoring can enable you to get ahead of potential risks and reinforce your school’s policies. You can learn more about event monitoring here.

Want to learn more? Watch the recording of the Winter ‘20 Release Webinar. You can also take the Winter ’20 Release Highlights Trail or visit the Winter ’20 Release Website for demo videos, feature overviews, and additional resources.

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