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[Trailblazer Celebration] This September We Are Celebrating You: Our Nonprofit Trailblazers!

By August 28, 2019


Our world is more dependent on organisations like yours to do the work you do today more than ever before, so thank you. We want to celebrate your success so we’ve dedicated the whole month of September to celebrating our Nonprofit Trailblazers who are making huge strides in achieving their mission and improving the state of the world. Get ready to be inspired! 

Firstly, you’re familiar with what a Trailblazer is, right? Here is how we define it: 

1) a pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker.

2) a leader who leaves a path for others to follow.

3) most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others.

This September across our blog and social media channels, we’ll be featuring a new Trailblazer story each week – and we’ve got an incredible line-up. Here is a little teaser of what’s in store… 

Rescue missions are part of everyday life for the RSPCA, the world’s largest and oldest animal welfare organisation. In 2018, it rescued nearly 103,000 animals across England and Wales and responded to 1.1 million requests for help. Like all nonprofits, the RSPCA wants to ensure as much of its income directly supports its cause; we look at how new technologies will help them achieve this goal. 

Next up, we’ll also be focusing on the work of Refettorio Paris, which has transformed a disused crypt in the city to offer a five-star dining experience to vulnerable members of society. We find out how this wonderful nonprofit turns surplus food that would normally go to waste into nutritious meals for 80 people on a daily basis and how impact data helps attract more funding so they can to continue to grow their mission. 

The UN’s Refugee Agency helps vulnerable and displaced people. The organisation’s 16,800 employee’s deliver community, health, and legal services in 130 plus countries and supports a staggering 600,000 displaced people in simultaneous emergencies with life-saving essentials in just 72 hours. Our blog reveals how the UNHCR has transformed its relationships with private donors to maximise fundraising potential. 

We’ve been to the Unseen offices to speak with the people behind the Modern Slavery Helpline, they’re fighting modern slavery at the front-line with a team of just 20 people. Every month around 800 incidents of potential slavery are reported via Unseen’s 24/7 multi-channel helpline, website and app, helping police find and support victims faster.

The work of our customers not only inspires but humbles us. We want to empower more nonprofits and their teams to blaze their own trails. To help do that,  we’ve launched a new conference series called DOT org, and we’re taking it to London, Amsterdam and New York to hopefully provide you with more knowledge and learnings so your organisation can develop, transform and optimise for impact. 

Follow #NGOtrailblazer across our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and keep an eye on our blog for weekly instalments and inspiring stories from across Europe.

And why not share your own story? We’d love to hear it – just use the hashtag and we will share and retweet. Your success is our success – we’re committed to helping you achieve your mission and improve the state of the world.

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