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This Week of 3/20/2017 in Nonprofit Innovation: 5 Must-Read Articles

By Tony Oblen March 20, 2017

There’s a lot going on this week in the worlds of #NPtech and Salesforce for nonprofits, but before we dive into our regular innovation roundup, I wanted to share with you some new content of our own!

We recently released great resources around our solutions in Program Management and Marketing (Enterprise). We hope you enjoy checking them out, as well as the stories we’ve put together from around the web.

1. The Connected Nonprofit
Acquisition and EngagementBy: Jeff Rule via LinkedIn
The SVP of Digital Initiatives at National Geographic explores how technology is ushering a new wave of NGOs called “connected nonprofits.” He also gives Salesforce a very kind shoutout: “They are the only provider that has a comprehensive solution without painful integrations and mappings. They are fast becoming the operating system for nonprofits.” Thanks, Jeff!

Tech impact2. A Nonprofits Guide to LinkedIn for Good
By: John Creedon of @Tech_Impact
LinkedIn can be an indispensable tool in the nonprofit handbook for making impact. Find out how.

Network for Good3. Here’s How to Skillfully Upgrade Your Donors
By: Brian Lauterbach of @Network4Good
Are you equipped to maximize contributions from your existing donor base? (Hint: A big part of it is demonstrating impact.)

Causeview4. Should Your Nonprofit Blog on Medium?
By: Doron Barbalat of @Causeview
Medium probably isn’t as high a priority as other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter in a nonprofit’s social toolkit. But it can provide a way to access a new, engaged audience of potential donors.

Hashtags word cloud5. Fantastic Nonprofit Hashtags and Where to Find Them
By: Ellie Burke of @classy
We live in a social universe, and one of the key features of this universe is the ubiquitous hashtag. Here’s a guide of useful tips and tricks for how to use them.

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