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This Week in Higher Ed Innovation: 5 Must-Read Articles

By May 11, 2016

Here are 5 of the most interesting and useful posts about Salesforce for Higher Ed and #edtech that the team has been reading over the past week. Enjoy!

turtle1. Report: Higher Ed Slow To Shift to Digital Experiences
via @Schaffhauser for @Campus_Tech
Sorry to start off with a bit of a downer, but a new report finds higher ed is still having trouble evolving “from content publishing to digital storytelling.” It’s a reminder that most institutions still have a long way to go, but the ROI of delivering digital experiences is too big to ignore.

Journey Mapping2. Top Three Reasons You Need to Invest in Journey Mapping Exercises
via @7SummitsInc
On a lighter note, one great way to improve the quality of those digital experiences is to do take some time to do a “journey mapping” exercise. In this post, 7Summits shares some pro tips for designing and implementing constituent journeys.

Joselyn Zivin Q&A3. Q&A: Market Research Themes for 2016
via @Huron
A new report from Huron Consulting on the trends we’ll see in higher ed market research this year, and the role that big data will play. Make sure to check out the accompanying webcast.

University of Colorado4. CU-Boulder seeks proposals from faculty for 3-year, fully online degrees
via @SarahKuta of @dailycamera
More cutting-edge innovation from the University of Colorado: they’re crowdsourcing ideas from their own faculty and staff for new, fully-online degree programs.

Fitbit5. Why This Christian University Requires All Students To Wear A Fitbit
via @jessleber of @FastCoExist
Oral Roberts University is making all of their students wear a Fitbit to automate the reporting of their daily fitness goal. A good example of a school that is exploring how to thread the needle successfully between “creepy tech” and “data for good.”

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