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The Journey of a Donor: Digitally Transformed

By Alanna Rasbach March 2, 2020

Donor Journey Blog

Managing Philanthropic Giving in Higher Ed

The more we know about individual donors, the closer we are to reaching our fundraising goals. Those working in Advancement know all too well how important alumni and donor engagement is to the success of solicitations and regular giving campaigns. In the end, these solicitations impact the wider goals of the institution and define a path forward for the growth of the organisation. 

It’s not just Millennials and Gen Z who expect personalisation – it’s all of us. Today’s technology empowers us to create compelling journeys and expand our understanding and ability to measure engagement across all our fundraising efforts.

Well-executed multi-channel fundraising and stewardship campaigns increase donor affinity, participation and donation size.

The journey a donor takes goes hand in hand with the experience the institution is able to provide. We speak in depth about tactics such as cultivating a sense of trust and belonging among donors and alumni, which takes careful and considered efforts over years and throughout decades. The journey should reflect an experience that seeks to engage donors on a personal level while encouraging getting involved and giving back. Ultimately, the technology platform is today’s mechanism that sits behind every meaningful donor relationship, but teams are still tasked to move supporters and steward them year-over-year through an insightful and personalised journey. 

“Our work isn’t just about raising money—it is about engaging leaders in the process of building relationships to engage communities and advance institutions. Advancement professionals do just that and do so together.”

-Sue Cunningham, President of CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education)

The crucial role that digital transformation plays in effective engagement, affinity and donation size offers an incredible opportunity for Advancement teams. With so much change happening in higher education, institutions are taking advantage of the technology that empowers and modernises their strategies for success. For example, a platform for engagement helps teams collate responses and generate further insights into the diverse needs of the university’s community. This is the kind of change we need to consider. And technology has opened the door to move the needle from possibility to reality. Engagement is all about the journey. 

Are you looking for practical tips to engage your donors? Follow Jonas on his journey and learn what inspired him to become an engaged member of the higher education philanthropic community. 

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Alanna Rasbach

Alanna Rasbach is a proud member of the Industry Solutions team specifically focused on Product Marketing in EMEA within Alanna is a dedicated problem solver and loves bridging her interest in technology and higher education to support the transformation mission of institutions globally. A strong advocate of blue sky thinking and blue ocean strategy, Alanna has developed her global outlook while working at higher education institutions in Canada and Europe.