Pro Bono Profiles: Starting a Pro bono Journey with Afterschool in Japan | プロボノ導入事例:特定非営利法人 放課後NPOアフタースクール様

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Pro Bono Profiles

By: Kosuke Fujimoto, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce & Kuniko Oi, Japan



Probono Salesforce JapanAfterschool is a Japanese nonprofit organization that aims to bring happiness into the lives of children in Japan by offering afterschool activities to nurture and engage them. In 2015, the team at Afterschool reached out to Japan to see if Salesforce technology could support their database needs. After selecting Salesforce as the technology vendor and processing their Power of Us application, the team posted the project as a probono opportunity for Salesforce employees who might want to support the implementation to cover the application for the project and analysis and management of the applicants.

特定非営利活動法人 放課後NPOアフタースクールは、すべての子どもたちが放課後を楽しく過ごせるようアフタースクール活動を提供するNPOです。放課後NPOアフタースクールがSalesforceテクノロジを活用してデータベースを構築できないかというご相談を2015年にいただき、Salesforceの採用が決定し、さっそくSalesforce社員がプロボノ支援に入り、プロジェクトの申込受付、分析や申請者情報の管理を行うためのプロジェクトが始まりました。

“I first saw the probono project posted on our internal communications platform, Chatter and I was immediately interested in helping out,” says Kosuke Fujimoto, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce Japan.

Success for us is seeing an organization excel after implementing Salesforce. “Afterschool did not have a history using Salesforce, which meant I would be able to be involved from the initial stage, which was one of my motivating factors,” says Kosuke Fujimoto.

“Just like we we do with our commercial customers, the first thing I did was to check the organization’s website to understand what they did and what their potential challenges might be. Using this research as a guideline, I made a customized demo.

“The organization was surprised with the amount of information I gathered before the meeting. I realised quickly that a nonprofit organisation is no different from a commercial company in the challenges they have running and managing business and operations.”

Experienced professionals can really make use of their skills by applying them to nonprofit problems. It can even help you develop and hone in your skills.

Salesforce日本オフィスのLead Solution Engineer 藤本 幸祐は、社内コミュニケーションのプラットフォームであるChatterでこのプロボノ募集情報を知り、おもしろそうだと思ってプロボノ支援の手を挙げました。











・プロファイル、権限設定、代理ログインの方法  など

Probono is a win-win

probono team salesforce japanAfterschool had data that needed to be managed for multiple projects across different offices. The challenge was to get all the information in one place so the organisation could have a single view of the data. After the initial consultation, they were shown a solution demo that would tackle their current challenges and also one that would also speak to the future possibilities of Salesforce.

“The feedback was great,” says Kosuke Fujimoto. “They were surprised at how fast it was to find a solution to their problem. As a Solution Engineer in Salesforce, I don’t generally support post-sale, so learning through this probono project was an  invaluable experience for me. As Afterschool grows there will be more opportunities to support through various projects and I would look forward to continuing to support the impact and growth of the organisation.”




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