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Social Web Skills Give Envera Clients New Confidence

By April 8, 2015

Envera Envera is Spanish non-profit whose focus is the social and labor integration of disabled people in society. The organization, which was founded in 1977 and has a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife and Las Palmas, was one of Healthy Community Grant recipients in 2014.

Envera used the Healthy Community Grant to launch a new course focused on increasing disabled participant’s knowledge of the social web and the internet.

The course, delivered to a group of 73 participants aged between 18 and 55 years old, ran over 14 weeks and sought to delivery key skills and increase confidence when using the internet and interacting on social networks.

Grupo Envera Healthy Communitiy Grant

People with no understanding of internet risks and threats are open to a lot of potential dangers. Spam, Malware and other internet nasties are hard to escape, but when we know a little more about them, they’re manageable. These were some of the key elements that Envera wanted to teach participants.

Another element of the course was social networking and communication. The beauty of the internet is that it allows us to communicate with friends, family, and peers anywhere in the world. But in order to make the most out of experience using online communities we should know: what channels are best for us, how to use them properly and what etiquette is appropriate.

Envera’s course which ran in groups of 10-12 people covered topics like: Operating systems, typing, administrative procedures, antivirus, firewalls, the Cloud, use of internet rights and duties, and also covered all the major social networking channels including: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Spanish social network Tuenti.

Students feedback on the course highlighted its impact:

  • 91% of students are now more considerate of what they upload to the internet.
  • 90% said that security was their biggest take-away from the course.
  • 70% will now only accept friend requests from people they know.
  • 100% feel more comfortable of Social Networks.
  • 100% want to do another similar course.

The Healthy Community grant is an integral part of our 1-1-1 model. Internationally, is working in partnership with community leaders and innovative nonprofits on a commitment focused on education, health and jobs to accelerate community transformation in local neighborhoods.

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