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Salesforce Partners up to Help Children of Iitate Village Develop a Career Vision

By Haruka Maruno September 29, 2015

Salesforce Japan volunteers with litate vilage

On August 19th, we welcomed 20 elementary students from the Fukushima Iitate village to our offices in Tokyo, where we delivered a career and Hour of Code workshop as part of the Tsubomi Project, organized by the Renaissance of Japanese Education and Iitate Village Board of Education.

Following the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, the litate village has experienced increased unemployment and there has been concern that children from the village will have difficulty in establishing a career path or vision.

The “Tsubomi Project” was set up to support and inspire these children, through organized meetings with university students and professionals, and visiting businesses based in Tokyo.

Mr. Yamaki, Chairman of the Iitate Village Board of Education, says: “Our aim is to increase the opportunities for the next generation, by growing their awareness of jobs available and helping them to connect with role models in industry.”

Koide Shinichiro, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Salesforce Japan, who is from the Fukushima prefecture, starting off the day by welcoming the students, and sharing his own childhood stories. He also offered great messages of encouragement.

The workshop, which included an Hour of Code session, was held in partnership with our Japan STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education partner
CANVAS. 15 Salesforce employees also volunteered to help facilitate the learning experience. In the latter half of the workshop, students discussed different job opportunities they were interested in; these included jobs in the medical and food industries.

Salesforce Japan volunteers with litate vilage

“We were pleased that we could coordinate the project with volunteers from Salesforce Japan who empathized with our mission and put in a lot of effort to carry off the workshop. The big smiles from the children were the best gift for us. And, we hope that they felt something important from this rare experience in Tokyo. It was an amazing meeting and experience for us, too,” said Ms.Kojima of Renaissance of Japanese Education.

Saleforce Foundation Japan looks forward to offering continued support to the children in Iitate village.



開会式では、福島県出身の代表取締役会長 兼CEO小出伸一が、自身の子ども時代のエピソードを交えながら、子どもたちに応援メッセージを送りました。
Hour of Codeを用いたプログラミング教育ワークショップは、STEM教育のパートナーCANVASの協力のもと実施され、15名の社員ボランティアが子どもたちをサポートしました。また、ワークショップの後半は、「働くこと」について身近に考える時間を設け、医療や食品など興味のある職種に分かれてディスカッションを行いました。

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