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The Line-up: Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam

By February 10, 2017

Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam

It’s just under 4 weeks until we touch down in Amsterdam at the Salesforce World Tour. This year is bringing a wealth of information and innovation to our nonprofit and higher education attendees with interactive mini theatre sessions and some impressive customer success in our main theatre sessions.

More to be announced…

Main Theatre

9:00 – Journey to the Connected Nonprofit (40 mins) (Dutch)

Be inspired by nonprofits both big and small who are leveraging cloud technology to create an integrated system of communications and data management. Gone are siloed departments, and in its place is the Connected Nonprofit. During this panel interview you’ll hear from Het Vergeten Kind, MAF and Solidaridad about their Salesforce Marketing, Fundraising and Programme Management Solutions. Mini Theatre – all sessions 15 minutes


8.30 – Customer Success Series (English)

Customer Success is’s number one value and in this session, our Customer Success manager will present some of the key Salesforce resources to help our customers become more successful.

9:40 – Increase fundraising efficiency with automatic financial transactions in NPSP (Dutch)

Enjoy a customer success story of powerful application architecture with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). During the session you’ll see how application building blocks, like the Payment Matching Engine and the Payment Gateway enable automated high performance interfacing with the Bank and online transactions via Buckaroo.

12:00 – Nonprofit Demo: Program Management (Dutch)

Manage your services, programs, and projects all in one place. Track cases, outcomes, and impact in real time. Access and update data from anywhere. Join this session to see programme management in action within a Salesforce environment.

12:30 – User Adoption for Nonprofits (Dutch)

A new working IT system for an organisation is something that is worth nothing when the user adoption has not been done properly. In this session you will learn the best practices for nonprofits to help teams learn new system, but also to obtain the highest utility for your organisation. User examples will also be showcased.

13:00 – Fireside Chat with Terre Des Hommes (Dutch)

During this session you’ll hear how Terre des Hommes is powering its fundraising, email marketing and case management with Salesforce, helping them reduce child exploitation globally. This Fireside chat will be hosted by Ivar Jansen, RVP – General Business, EMEA.

13:30 – Higher Education Demo: The Connected Campus (Dutch)

Discover the Connected Campus solution set. Understand how Universities and Colleges can get a 360 degree view of the entire student lifecycle and effectively engage across all stages. Join this session to see Higher Education applications in action within a Salesforce environment.

14:00 – Salesforce for Education- Breaking Down Silos (Dutch)

Many educational institutions are looking for new students and feel the need to professionalize their marketing and recruitment, from anonymous web visits, first contact, campus visit until registration. During this journey information is being shared between colleagues from several departments – like the board, marketing-communication, information, student information desk and teaching corps. Salesforce for Education makes it possible to optimise student recruitment, increase productivity, gain complete insights and recruit the right students – fitting your institute and curriculum.

14:30 – Moves that Matter – a new approach in Major and Middle Donor Management

Vera Peerdeman of Nassau Fundraising presents the do’s and don’ts for Major and Middle donor management. Lars Spruijt of Bluedesk CRM translates this into innovations which are available in Salesforce.

15:00 – Direct Debit Mandate: Mandate is under-appreciated gold! (Dutch)

Most organisations only leverage the Direct Debit Mandate to collect their recurring pledges. However, when embedding the power of the Mandate into 1-to-1 payment journeys this popular payment method becomes a powerful tool to increase donor retention and increase the donations from current donors. Get inspired on how you can better monetize your Direct Debit Mandates with some compelling examples.

15:30 – Nonprofit digital connectivity and why you have to know about it (Dutch)

Digital connectivity is becoming a key determinate of Salesforce success for nonprofit customers. During this session, Jitterbit will cover the challenge of overcoming hybrid integration requirements, realtime integration overtaking scheduled integration, the death of the ESB/ETL, and the importance of scaling out. By sharing success stories from customers large and small like CAFOD, UNICEF, Camfed, WaterAid, NCS Trust and Trocaire, this session will highlight how integration is changing for the better for nonprofits.


There’s still time to register for your free ticket. Whether your a current Salesforce user or thinking about Salesforce as a solution for your Nonprofit or Higher Education institution, Salesforce World Tour is the perfect place to get ideas, information, connect, learn and have fun with the Salesforce community. Don’t miss out 🙂