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By Ebony Beckwith May 5, 2017

In support of Michelle’s Obama‘s Reach Higher Initiative and Better Make Room Organization’s College Signing Day, 1500 customers and partners showed their support and encouraged those heading to college at the fifth annual Higher Education Summit in Austin, Texas.

Education after high school is an important part of a student’s successful future. College graduates have more opportunities than those who choose not to pursue their education past high school. According to Georgetown’s Center on Education and Workforce, college graduates are set to make 84% more over their lifetimes than high school graduates.

Education is the most valuable asset a person can ever have, it is worth way more than a paycheck. It is something they will have their entire life, helping them understand the world around them and giving them the tools they need to adapt to challenges and changes they encounter in their personal and professional lives. Yet, many young people today aren’t choosing to pursue higher education. College enrollment rates are dropping year over year.

With the increasing cost of tuition, both students and parents are looking for something different when selecting higher education, they expect a stellar academic program, a collaborative student experience, tailored services, and a feeling of connection to the institution. They’re looking for a school that makes them feel special – one that gives them the personal attention needed to feel comfortable with such a momentous next step. is on a mission to empower Higher Education Institutions to accelerate impact in their communities in a whole new way. We help Higher Education Institutions connect with constituents using social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

We’re focused on education and workforce development to make sure the next generation has the skills and training needed for the jobs of tomorrow. And we’re looking forward to working with education leaders to determine a path forward together.

Thank you to the entire community who has joined us on that path.