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The Evolution of the Brand

By March 17, 2022

The Evolution of the Brand

At, we know that the stories that matter most are the stories from our community. And as we continue to grow and evolve to better meet the needs of our constituents across the world, our brand evolves too.

Today we are introducing an updated design system and creative approach, keeping the missions and focus of our constituents at heart. 

Our promise to be the technology platform that powers your purpose remains at the core of all we do. To achieve this, we’re expanding our storytelling focus to spotlight more stories of our community, and to share the work of our constituents  all over the world in compelling ways.

More than 50,000 organizations and institutions rely on our tools to power their purpose. These global change agents are addressing the toughest challenges humanity faces today: climate action, the future of work, mental health and wellbeing, and nutrition and water security.

Our photography style is evolving with the goal of consistently incorporating images of change agents, and featuring the honest and authentic stories of those who are driving impact everywhere. These stories of courage, action, and execution give us all reasons to hope for, and believe in, a brighter future.

Child smiling while playing a musical instrument
As we continue to grow and evolve to better meet the needs of our trailblazing constituents across the world, our brand evolves too.

We will lean into more muted tones in our color palette. The colors found in the natural world speak to our commitment to climate action and our focus on supporting sustainable solutions. Our new design elements evoking handwriting and mark-making serve as a reminder of how we’re all contributing in individual ways collectively make the world a better place for all. 

From nonprofits to educational institutions around the world, we believe in the power of technology to help solve the world’s biggest problems and build more meaningful relationships. This new creative expression is representative of our continued commitment to serve you — and your purpose.