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Salesforce Lightning Editions: Coming Soon to Your Salesforce Instance

By June 3, 2016

As you might know, the new Salesforce Lightning Editions are now generally available and due to come to your Salesforce ORG in the coming months. These new editions will deliver more customization, more capabilities and more value for customers.

What’s Changing

Most customers have received subscriptions through the Power of Us subscription donation program and currently have access to the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce (entitled, the Foundation Enterprise Edition). With the introduction of the Lightning Editions, all Power of Us subscriptions will include the features and functionality of BOTH the Lightning Sales and Lightning Service Enterprise Edition. You will then have access to even more features to help you more effectively execute your mission. For those of you who have purchased additional Enterprise or Unlimited Edition subscriptions beyond the 10 subscription donation, you will receive the corresponding Lighting features outlined here.

The new Lightning edition features will be available for your instance according to this schedule, and your instance will be upgraded automatically. Your System Administrator(s) can control when and how to enable any new features or functionality. You can follow these instructions to determine which “instance” your organization is using. If you have questions about the new editions, you can check out our FAQ, view this recorded webinar with the Salesforce Success Team, post in the Hub or reach out to your Account Executive. If you don’t know who your Account Executive is, please see this article in the HUB.


Salesforce Lightning Experience vs Salesforce Lightning Editions

You may have heard of Salesforce Lightning Experience, but that is different from the Salesforce Lightning Editions. Salesforce Lightning Experience describes a new user interface (or look and feel) for Salesforce while the Salesforce Lightning Editions are a repackaging of Salesforce features and functionality that simplifies our pricing and packaging and takes the best advantage of the Lightening Experience. You can continuing using the “Salesforce Classic” user interface even after you move to a new Lightning Edition.

Dig into the Details

As an organization, is committed to helping the nonprofit and educational communities leverage the power of the cloud to more effectively execute their mission. These new editions provide more of the capabilities our customers want and need—in one of the most robust and affordable product packages available today. Dig into the details about the features included in each edition in this document.

For more information, check out our FAQ, view this recorded webinar with the Salesforce Success Team, post in the Hub or reach out to your Account Executive.