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Salesforce for K-12: Run Schools Better

By Helen Hwang June 22, 2017

We know. K-12 education is stretched thin.

Reporting requirements, registering new students, responding to concerned parents, supporting current students, sharing timely information with every teacher, fundraising for that new CS program…

Oh, and that whole teaching and learning thing.

You have many stakeholders, and often many different (and disconnected) systems and data.

Here’s the good news: can help!

How, you ask? Just look at some of the results our customers have reported*:

  • 89% say Salesforce has improved their ability to achieve their mission
  • +31% enrollment efficiency and effectiveness
  • +49% faster response to issues
  • +12% student engagement and satisfaction
  • +28% funds raised

And now, the most powerful and flexible CRM platform for nonprofits and higher education is for K-12 too.

A Little About Us

First, a little context. is a nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to empower its community of stakeholders to accelerate impact in a whole new way. We provide the world’s best and affordable nonprofit and educational technology solutions, combined with employee volunteerism and strategic grants focused on education and workforce development.

We’re serving K-12 to amplify our impact by amplifying yours. We’re deeply committed to enabling schools and districts, in a cost-effective way, because we all know ― from our CEO on down ― that education shapes our collective future.

Our Vision for K-12 Education

Truly Connected Schools manage different stakeholders and systems in a single cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform. They understand the importance of flexibility, and integrate their data to get more useful insights and achieve new efficiencies; whether it’s teachers needing to easily access student records, school or district leaders viewing enrollment dashboards, or communications staff trying to engage parents or donors.

We can help you run schools better by connecting everything you do: Communications & collaboration, student case management, enrollment, fundraising. All built around 360-degree student views to ensure their success.

K-12 Student Success

Pull your data out of silos ― spreadsheets, your SIS, and other point solutions ― and pull it together in one place. Data means much more when it can give you a real-time, holistic picture of student achievement, family contact information, parent engagement, and lots more. Even of entire classes and schools.

The Salesforce platform is as flexible and extensible as you need it to be. Add plug-and-play apps from the largest enterprise app marketplace, the AppExchange, to fill your school or district’s specific needs.

And now that is working in K-12, we can offer ten free subscriptions and discounts on additional subscriptions and products.

k-12 Dashboard

Proof Points

Don’t just take our word for it.

Many K-12 schools, districts, and networks ― public and private ― are already using Salesforce for these and other critical functions.

A few examples:

  • Student Success:
    Manage progress in the classroom and beyond with 360-degree student views, like KIPP. See how they do it.
  • Parent/Student Communication & Collaboration:
    Engage key stakeholders with targeted communications and collaborative social communities, like Denver Public Schools. See how they do it.
  • Admissions & Enrollment:
    Simplify processes for application, registration, enrollment, and placement communication. Like Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, which manages its entire admissions operation in Salesforce ― seamlessly connecting it to student academic, demographic, and financial aid info ― and also uses Salesforce Communities to engage families throughout the process. See how they do it.
  • Fundraising:
    Build stronger donor relationships and improve grants management, like Austin Independent School District. See how they do it.
    “With Salesforce you get what you need right away. And it grows with you and still works years later, instead of something you have to gut and replace.”
    – Michelle Bruce, Senior Director of Technology & Technology Innovation, KIPP

A Community to Help You Get Started

Large districts and charter schools have also built custom apps on the Salesforce platform for activities like enrollment, facilities management, or teacher recruiting (often with clicks, not code). They leverage the expertise of a thriving community of strategic implementation partners and app makers who understand the needs of schools.

We know that technological change or replacement can be scary for schools or districts. You don’t have to do it in one fell swoop. That’s what is so great about Salesforce ― just get started with one piece, like fundraising, marketing or community engagement, or a central place to house student data.

From there you can extend as needed. Salesforce has a solution for any problem, and it plays well with others. Just like you want your students to!

Learn more about what Salesforce can do for K-12 education.

Salesforce for K-12 Education

*Source: 2017 “Voice of the Customer” survey of 1,710 customers, conducted by the Salesforce Customer Insights group.