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Salesforce Joins the 100,000 Jobs Mission with VetForce

By November 11, 2014

Cross-posted from Salesforce
By: May Wong

VetForce.orgOn this Veteran’s Day, Salesforce would like to recognize and honor all the brave women and men who have served, protected and defended our country.

We want to help veterans accelerate their civilian careers. We are proud to announce that Salesforce has joined the 100,000 Jobs Mission.

As part of a coalition of more than 170 companies, Salesforce is extending our VetForce program by committing to hiring veterans and helping veterans get Salesforce-related employment. By partnering with the coalition we will accelerate our ability to impact the lives of 10,000 veterans.

We launched VetForce at Dreamforce to help veterans who served transition back into civilian life with the help of Salesforce job skills. We made a big impact with the launch! Watch the video.  

Some VetForce highlights from Dreamforce include:

Over 200+ veterans, employers and our non-profit partner organizations connected at Dreamforce. We hosted three breakout sessions. Uber and USAA shared their stories about how they are supporting veterans' transition back into civilian life. Accenture, Apttus and RockTech helped us host a networking happy hour for veterans and employers to meet and connect. Dreamforce attendees even took time out of their busy schedule to pack 3,000 “night night” kits for children of deployed service members and sent more than 270 cards (with selfies) to deployed troops and veterans.

Additionally, in partnership with the California National Guard, we air-lifted 50 Dreamforce executive guests to Moffett Field on a helicopter mission.  The executives received briefings on the mission of VetForce, as well as the California National Guard’s “Work for Warriors” Program— with a focus on the skills and capabilities veterans offer potential employers.

The feedback was amazing.

“It shows the growing commitment, driven by industry leaders like Salesforce, to improve awareness of the technical training and disciplines, innovative thinking, and leadership skills brought to organizations when hiring military trained personnel.” -Col. Jeff Magram CA Air National Guard.

“I appreciate the rousing reception and education you provided all of us, it was a unique combination of teamwork, intelligence, excitement and profound pride that we are protected by outstanding individuals who put their nations and fellow citizens interests above their own.” – Jeff Van Zanten, CFO Apptus.

Watch the video highlghts of the helicopter mission:

We also launched the VetForce application, built on Salesforce’s Community Cloud, at Dreamforce. Veterans, employers, and non-profit organizations can now register on the app.  Over time, the plan is to connect veterans with free Salesforce training and job opportunities via API integration with LinkedIn.  

Now the real work begins—building connections with employers and veteran service organizations, evolving the VetForce Application, and keeping the magic alive as we ramp to having 10,000 “Cloud-Strong” veterans deployed.