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Salesforce Helps Power Dry July Campaign

By July 13, 2015

By: Brett Gibson, Director, Clouding Around – Salesforce Partner

Dry JulyDry July is an annual fundraising campaign that challenges participants to go booze free for a month to support adults living with cancer. Established in 2008, Dry July takes a light-hearted approach to raising funds for a serious issue. The money raised by Dry July participants has gone on to fund or help fund/assist in funding various projects across beneficiary cancer organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Since its inauguration, the organisation has successfully ran 7 campaigns, grown to over 90,000 participants and raised more than $20 million (AUD). Given the rise of the movement, Dry July needed an enterprise solution for their fundraising that would take the program even further in organisational practice, marketing capacity and donations.

Prior to the recent Salesforce deployment by Clouding Around, Dry July had multiple decentralised systems for each campaign and no overall brand visibility. Each year when a campaign was created it required a new database to be customised, with no captured relationship data or reporting from the previous year available to be utilised.

Data was disconnected, reporting was manually calculated with spreadsheets and high resource expenditure meant the Dry July team faced several limitations on their time and administration.

Better Reporting Makes for Better Decisions

Using Salesforce with migrated data from their previous databases and a custom web-service integration has improved Dry July’s ability to capitalise on data reporting, enhancing their overall capacity to analyse report findings for donations gains.

The ability to understand the data within the system is significant. It has enabled us to enhance our business functions and improve the relationship we have with our participants and donors.  Looking at past data is vital when looking into campaign and donor details. Gathering this information and seeing the emergent patterns enables us to make more valuable decisions and increase donations for our beneficiaries”.  Brett Macdonald CEO & Co-Founder Dry July.

Marketing Cloud Helps Improve Relationships

The addition of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the program provided the ability to create targeted automated, personalised emails, tailored to Dry July donors’ individual experiences. This has not only enabled their marketing department to communicate with supporters but has improved the overall relationship with fundraisers and donors. These customisations allow the team at Dry July to engage donors  / fundraisers and provide a significantly higher level of flexibility in their interactions.

“Salesforce Marketing Cloud has enabled us to get smarter and more personalised in our email communication” Brett Macdonald CEO & Co-Founder Dry July.

Feel inspired to do something good for yourself as well as others? To learn more about the booze-free challenge see the Dry July site :

Clouding AroundAbout Clouding Around: Clouding Around is based in Australia and provide the full spectrum of Salesforce services to not-for-profits and small to medium businesses. Their approach to Salesforce projects allows them to deliver quick Salesforce outcomes, thus reducing costs allowing their clients to focus more on return on investment and user adoption.