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Pro Bono Success Clinic at Salesforce Japan

By March 27, 2017

By Takuma Ogura and Shinya Kaneko, Junior Solution Engineers, Salesforce Japan

On February 24, 2017, and Salesforce Japan held a “Pro Bono Success Clinic for Nonprofits” at the Salesforce Tokyo office. This half day event brought together Salesforce employees and nonprofit organizations to help the organisations leverage the Salesforce platform, and advance their missions.

pro bono clinic salesforce japan

A group of graduate employees took on the challenge to organise the event and did everything from planning through to hosting the event – it was a great experience for all involved.

“Thank you so much for kindly answering all my questions. I’m exceedingly grateful for your enthusiastic answers.” – participant

Heihachiro Yoshii, Junior Associate Solution Engineer at Salesforce said – “With the help from a lot of people, all committed to our Ohana culture, we were able to successfully hold this clinic with great support. We will continue to hold Success Clinics for Nonprofits on a regular basis and look forward to seeing a lot of participation from nonprofits organizations.”

On the day, we welcomed 4 nonprofits at the success clinic, all with different questions and curiosities; from how to get set-up with Salesforce right away, down to very specific questions around their implementations of Salesforce – a great opportunity to learn from experts, whatever stage you’re at!

It was a very lively clinic with a huge success. Mahalo!