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Pro Bono Profiles: Helping Service Members on their Transition to Civilian Life

By November 29, 2016

Pro Bono Profiles

RP6 logoThe mission of RP/6 (Rally Point 6) is clear — to provide support to service members, veterans, and their families as they transition back to civilian life. RP/6 connects these individuals with resources to help them fulfill a successful action plan, everything from employment services to finance and legal help to education programs.

This past year, RP/6 served over 4,300 individuals, with 96% of their clients tracking successfully on their employment action plan.

Rally Point 6

And with a mission so aligned to our own VetForce efforts here at Salesforce, it wasn’t difficult for us to find a group of eager volunteers through Pro Bono Program. Five Salesforce employee volunteers hopped into action: Chris Anderton (Heroku Presales Architect), Rob Anderton (Customer Solutions Architect), Ben Mozentar (Senior Demo Engineer), Grayson Hjaltalin (UI/UX Designer), and Kai Nunez (Principal User Researcher).

RP/6 had been using customizable Cases on the Nonprofit Success Pack, which allowed their case managers — called Scouts — to create an Action Plan for clients. According to Kylee Durant, RP/6 COO, “Since implementing the Nonprofit Success Pack, the time in which a client submits an intake form to a Scout meeting with the individual for the first time has been reduced from an average of 48 hours to 2 hours due to the power of workflow automation and case assignment rules.”

But our Salesforce volunteers saw the opportunity to help RP/6 generate even more impact. Inspired by the mobile world we live in, they banded together to create the Action Plan App, which connected their Scouts in real-time with service members, allowing for more seamless communication and a better way to track progress towards their goal.

And thanks to the power of Heroku and the 187 hours of volunteer service, the mobile-responsive Action Plan App came to life! Learn more about how R/P6 uses Heroku to increase their impact.

RP6Since the Nonprofit Success Pack was customized for the needs of RP/6 — and further bolstered by the efforts of the Salesforce Pro Bono team — the organization has been able to connect 50% more service members to the resources they need most.

As Anne Sprute, Founder, CEO and a US Army Veteran, puts it, “RP/6 formed a strategic partnership with the USO in 2015; the innovation of the Nonprofit Success Pack and the mobile App will soon be supporting service and family members globally.”

A very special thanks to R/P6 for the amazing work they do on behalf of service members, and to our Salesforce Volunteers for their quick, agile innovation.

Learn more about the Pro Bono Program at Salesforce!

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