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Premier Success and Accelerators for Customers

By July 25, 2018

At, our commitment to customer success is one of our core values, and we work continually to deliver new resources to help you best meet your mission.

Get started in Salesforce with new 1:1 guided training and resources for nonprofit and higher ed organizations using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and HEDA.

While every customer starts with a Standard Success Plan, some customers choose a Premier Success Plan to drive even more return on their Salesforce investment. Premier Success offers all the benefits of the Standard Success Plan plus 24/7 support, access to Accelerators, and more.

Accelerators are 1-on-1 personalized working sessions with your organization and a Salesforce expert. They are designed to solve specific challenges for organizations that want to learn, grow and innovate. And we are excited to introduce several new Accelerators designed and delivered specifically for our nonprofit and higher ed customers.

If you are just getting started with fundraising and the Nonprofit Success Pack, Getting Started: Nonprofit Success Pack for Fundraising, How To: Import Data into Nonprofit Success Pack and Insights: Reports and Dashboards in the Nonprofit Success Pack can give you a head start on customizing and using Salesforce. Planning and designing for your Salesforce org with the best tips and tricks we can offer will put your organization on the fast road to success.

To help ensure data accuracy, take a look at How to: Prevent Duplicates in the Nonprofit Success Pack to learn about activating the Duplicate Management alert. By taking advantage of this, you’ll avoid wasting valuable time and compromising the quality of your data.

For our customers getting started with Salesforce for program management or client services, check out Getting Started: Plan Service Cloud for Nonprofit Program Management, and How To: Plan Communities for the Nonprofit Success Pack. Both of these Accelerators introduce your org to the power of Program Management; to support program intake, day-to-day program management, and reporting on outputs and outcomes.

For those of you using apps specific to higher ed, Getting Started: Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and Getting Started: Using Salesforce Advisor Link (SAL) are Accelerators designed to optimize your investment in these products. In fact, both of these Accelerators just received refreshes to account for product updates since they were first released. Getting Started: Salesforce Access Controls for Higher Education helps you think through the right mix of security features and functionality needed at your institution.

If you are a Premier customer, remember that Accelerators are included in your success plan and you can consume as many as you wish (one-at-a-time). What are you waiting for? Request one of these new Accelerators today or browse the entire catalogue of more than 200 Accelerators.

Not a Premier Success Customer? Learn more below.

Accelerators assist in building your org’s capabilities with 1-on-1 coaching. Here’s the story of how one small nonprofit leveraged Accelerators to initiate their Salesforce implementation.

The North Bay Housing Coalition is a small nonprofit organization working to establish affordable housing options for adults with developmental disabilities in the Bay Area. Mary Eble, MSSW, who is the Executive Director of the organization, had a big vision for using Salesforce at her organization but limited in-house technical expertise on her small staff. NBHC needed strategic guidance on how best to plan for and drive the successful adoption of Salesforce.

Wanting to maximize their focus and time on Salesforce so they could return to their organization’s mission, NBHC chose Premier Success for personalized guidance and tailored recommendations to get up and running quickly with Salesforce.

With the help of Accelerators, NBHC develop a specific plan for current implementation and recommendations for the vision of their Salesforce org. Mary says that, without Premier Success, “we would be stuck and unable to better serve our clients and community.”

If you’re not a Premier customer, but interested in learning more about speeding adoption, deployments, and return on your Salesforce investment, contact us to explore the benefits of Premier Success.


About the Author
Stephanie WeinbergStephanie Weinberg is a Manager in the Customer Success Group. She has over 10 years of expertise in leading content teams and delivering success products to higher ed and nonprofit institutions. Stephanie focuses on understanding our customers’ global, cross-departmental operational needs in the service industry.