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The Power of Wave Analytics for Higher Ed

By June 26, 2016

By: Huron Consulting Group

Student retention and graduation are paramount to the mission and sustainability of institutions. Today, more and more universities are leveraging business intelligence to identify students at risk of dropping out, and using that knowledge to take steps to improve retention and graduation rates.

With so many reporting and analytics tools in the market identifying the right platform with the right mix of features can be daunting. Enter Salesforce Wave Analytics. Now, any user can create dashboards that make analyzing data from multiple sources easy

So Why Wave?

Wave is a data analytics tool for the rest of us.
One of the best features of Wave is that it’s easy to use! Without code, users can drag and drop dashboards and instantly crunch numbers from thousands of datasets, and slice and dice it any way they like. Users can also create compelling, colorful visualizations that will help their institution unlock important answers about their students.

Wave can pull data from multiple sources.
Analyzing student retention and graduation requires a holistic perspective of the student and thus is difficult with siloed teams and data. With Salesforce Wave Analytics, everyone can be on one platform, in one tool, leveraging the same data from multiple sources. By being able to tap into multiple data sources across different platforms, data can be transformed into meaningful insights at every level of the institution.

Early warning alerts.
With Wave, you can set up alerts and an “early warning plan”, which is critical for automatically identifying students for intervention and being able to reach out in real time. Elements of an early warning plan can include assigning a task, opening or closing a case, or collaborating with key stakeholders.

So why Wave? It’s easy, it can pull from multiple sources, and it can help schools create early warning alerts that inspire action to improve student retention and graduation rates.

Interested in learning more about Wave for Higher Ed? Watch a webinar recording of Tulane University and Huron Consulting Group sharing the uses for data analytics in Higher Education, specifically around the areas of Student Success, Retention and Graduation.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage institutional data to promote student retention and graduation
  • What elements to include in a well-designed data analytics dashboard
  • How Tulane University uses Salesforce Wave Analytics to identify patterns that influence student success

Watch Webinar Recording