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NPSP now stands for Nonprofit Success Pack

By October 31, 2016

By: Nick Lindberg, Director of Nonprofits, Redpath

Recently, introduced the Nonprofit Success Pack. The announcement was exciting as it mentioned an open and flexible solution to manage donors, campaigns, volunteers, programs, grants and more – all in one place. Reading more, you find solutions to specific needs, including Donor Management Advancements and Constituent Levels.

To some, the announcement is exciting because these features are things you would only have dreamed of. To others, mainly those using the Nonprofit Starter Pack, there are questions about what needed to be done to get the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Exciting news for everyone – the Nonprofit Starter Pack is now the Nonprofit Success Pack. It’s the same app you are used to, and in your Salesforce instance you may notice text which once said Nonprofit Starter Pack replaced with Nonprofit Success Pack.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a better way of describing just how great NPSP has become. Over the past two years alone some amazing new functionality has come out, including:

  • Household Account Model – new account model to consider against the existing 1:1 and individual bucket account models
  • Deliverables (formerly known as Grant Deadlines) – Track deadlines for major gifts and grants
  • Partial Soft Credits – Ability to soft credit a portion of a larger donation to an individual
  • Engagement Plans – A set of tasks which can be created to improve fundraising, volunteerism or program involvement.
  • Levels – Segment constituents into levels based on variables such as donations, volunteer hours, etc.

As you can see there is a lot of new functionality in place to make nonprofits successful using Salesforce. And there is more to come as events like the NPSP Sprint will continue to add even more functionality to NPSP as well as better user guides to help make sense of the new cool tools.

Hopefully those who were concerned from the recent announcement are breathing a sigh of relief. There is one caveat though – if you are currently using NPSP 2.0 or below, you should really upgrade to NPSP 3.0. Why? Because all of these new tools making NPSP live up to its new name are only on NPSP 3.0. And because you can keep your existing account model post upgrade, the upgrade is easier than you think. To learn more about upgrading, check out this link or visit the Power of Us Hub.

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