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NPSP Helps HaGal Sheli Grow Fundraising by 25% – Pro bono Success

By February 23, 2017

By: HaGal Sheli

HaGal Sheli is an Israeli nonprofit which works towards empowering and developing the lives of youth at risk. Founded in 2013 the organisation works with over 400 teens each year and has over 700 active graduates. HaGal Sheli operates through 4 educational surfing centers in Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Mevo’ot Yam and Kfar Galim. HaGal Sheli’s mission is to show youth at risk that overcoming life challenges requires determination and persistence, and that if they can succeed at something as difficult as surfing then they can accomplish anything else that their hearts might desire.

HaGal Sheli’s business model relies on a strategic fundraising campaigns which target all sectors (private, corporate, nonprofit etc.). In order to achieve our fundraising goals we must manage and maintain thousands of relationships, leads and opportunities. With minimal staff and experience it was almost impossible to reach our goals and secure funding in order to continue our activities for youth at risk.

We were introduced to the Salesforce platform and understood it had the potential to answer our fundraising needs. HaGal Sheli’s COO and head of fundraising signed up to use the Nonprofit Success Pack, however we did not have the skills to customize it to our specific needs. We didn’t want to give up on the platform so we reached out to Roni Yahav who introduced us to Chen Cohen from Salesforce. Using her volunteer time off, Chen shared her expertise and began meeting with HaGal Sheli staff on a regular basis. Chen and HaGal Sheli was an instant click – she was committed to our needs and wanted to join the effort so we could ensure our programs to hundreds of teens in need. Chen customized the system to fit HaGal Sheli’s requirements and created a working process so we could implement the system productively.

With Chen’s help we are able to manage our entire fundraising program with the Nonprofit Success Pack. We are able to manage hundreds of opportunities and leads, and maintain our relationships with our donors. We realized that the platform actually shaped the process in which we operate. With Chen’s assistance we began creating reports, and for the first time we could analyze data regarding our donations and grants. With that data we can better understand what our financial needs are, where we should target our efforts and how to better operate our fundraising campaigns. We now know, that with the Nonprofit Success Pack we have been able to increase our fundraising capability by more than 25%. The system, combined with Chen’s pro bono support, has allowed HaGal Sheli to be in the best financial situation we ever had.

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