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This Week of 9/15/2016 in Nonprofit Innovation: 5 Must-Read Articles

By Tony Oblen September 15, 2016

Another week, another roundup! Here are 5 Salesforce for Nonprofits and #NPtech articles that informed and inspired us

Service Cloud1. Should Your Nonprofit Look at Salesforce Service Cloud and Cases?
By: Christian Carter of @BiggerBoatHQ
So you’re an NPSP pro. Is it time to step up your game with Service Cloud? Christian Carter explores the possibilities.

Cloud for Good2. FREEZE!!! What’s a Data Freeze and How to Come Out of It in One Piece
By: Zeina Saad of @cloud4good
Data migration. Two words that inspire fear in mortals, especially because of that inevitable moment when you’ll have to freeze your data. Don’t worry ― Cloud for Good has you covered.

Phone3. Gates of Speech in the 21st Century
By: Ashima Saigal of @databasesherpa
Some insightful thoughts on communicating in the age of social media.

Chatter files4. How to Convert Attachments in Salesforce to Chatter Files
By: @ledgeviewcrm
A great how-to guide for switching from using the old “Notes and Attachments” related list to the more versatile “Files” list, courtesy of Ledgeview Partners.

Writing5. 5 Questions to Start Planning Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign
By: Connie Poulos of @Network4Good
The end of the year is barreling toward us! Are you equipped to meet your year-end fundraising goals?

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