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Nonprofit Community Management: Resources for Creating Change

By Norah Stevens-Kittner April 17, 2018

Constituents are at the center of everything you do. Whether that’s your clients, donors, or volunteers that are helping you maximize your impact. But when your staff are stretched thin or you’re simply located in different places, it’s hard to collaborate, share impact, or engage in meaningful ways. How can technology help you to serve your community more effectively, without adding staff resources?

Stand for Children and OneGoal are just two of many nonprofit organizations that are doing just that. Want to learn how? Join OneGoal and Stand for Children for a live webinar on April 19 as they share how they’re using the Salesforce Community Cloud to create a digital space to drive impact.

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 Nonprofit Community Management: Resources for Creating Change

A Template for Success

OneGoal is a coalition of teachers, students, school leaders and education advocates working to close the college degree divide preventing millions of students from accessing a life of choice and opportunity. Teachers have a cohort of 20-30 students that are in their junior and senior years of high school and work with them to prepare for college, enroll, and succeed in school. To help manage this teacher-led program, OneGoal created a digital community using the Salesforce Community Cloud. Teachers login to the OneGoal-branded Community where they enter information about the students in their cohort and look at Salesforce reports and dashboards to help drive action in their classrooms. For example, teachers can see which of their students confidence levels have decreased at any given time and therefore, the teacher will know what type of skill building to focus on in their next class. OneGoal has also developed a list of steps to help students enroll and persist in college. OneGoal staff and teachers can see what students are on track or behind in completing that part of the program. User adoption has increased enormously since creating this digital community. When previously teachers were sending OneGoal staff data to enter into the system, teachers are now doing it directly in the Community, empowering the teachers to make data-driven decisions and so OneGoal staff can refocus their time to delivering impact. And the best part? The teachers don’t even need to have Salesforce.

OneGoal made use of the Napili templates in Community Cloud to get up and running. For OneGoal, the template contained a lot of structure for them to build off of. For example, right out of the box, the template is setup with a home page, navigation and a way to share knowledge articles. This was helpful for OneGoal to get started so they had a minimum viable product without a lot of customization, and then they could build from there.

Helping Constituents Benefit from Your Nonprofit Programs

Did you know that 1/4 of middle school students are bullied or harassed? Stand for Children is a nonprofit that is working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. They launched an initiative called The Middle School Kindness Challenge to help schools teach, foster, & celebrate kindness as a skill. Using the Salesforce Community Cloud, Stand for Children is able to disperse this program to schools across the country with the click of a button. The entire program is self-contained in this digital community — right when a school signs up, they are given all the prompts and information they need to get up and running and completing the program. Not only has this allowed The Kindness Challenge to scale by limiting the manual setup needed for each school, teachers and schools are empowered with what they need to make kindness commonplace. Teachers and schools can login, access activities and lesson plans they need to complete, and get a full picture of the progress at an individual and school level. Teachers can also rate and give feedback on activities so that Stand for Children can see what content their constituents are using the most. For Stand for Children, they built a Community by customizing it meet their unique needs.

Learn how OneGoal and Stand for Children in lare building community engagement with nonprofit technology

Creating a Community to Drive Impact: Do You Accept the Challenge?

At your nonprofit, you know that community matters. Your constituents are at the center of everything you do. Shouldn’t you have a space to connect and engage with them, no matter where you are?

Join us on April 19 at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST to learn more from leading nonprofits about how to connect with your constituents to help drive impact. You’ll learn about:

  • Why Salesforce was a good fit for these two nonprofits
  • How Community Cloud helps the organizations drive impact
  • The ROI they’ve seen since implementing Community Cloud

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