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My Story: Maksymilian Wardalinski

By August 19, 2015

Maksymilian Wardalinski graduated from Salesforce Bizacademy in 2013 year.Today, he is working for a Salesforce nonprofit customer, The Challenge. Here, he shares his story:

Maks - BizAcademyMy name is Maks, I’m 22 years old and would like to share a story that changed my life.

I came to England when I was 17 and studied Games Development at College for two years. I then applied for University and received a conditional offer – but unfortunately I couldn’t secure a grant to support me financially, and I gave up on the idea.

After that, I moved to London and lived like a lot of foreigners do; working in various warehouses and living in a small room – my life was just going by.

It took me almost two years to realise that I could have so much more if I just did something about it, rather than staying passive.

Getting to BizAcademy

I started looking around for help to get some qualifications or at least a better job. I had high aspirations, but my life at the time didn’t reflect that. I found an organisation called The Point, which helps young people both with educational opportunities and in finding employment. They asked me to attend a day at Skills for Growth who they said might be able to help me find an apprenticeship. They suggested I apply for the Salesforce BizAcademy programme.

I decided to give it a shot. I knew there were a lot of people who wanted to get onto the programme – and there were only 15 places, but I believed I had the right skill set and so gave my best.

I got onto the programme, which included four weeks of Salesforce Admin training and a fifth week with Salesforce staff, who coached us on interview skills.We would need these skills when presenting our Salesforce knowledge to potential employers at the end of programme.

Presentations and oppportunities

Presentations aren’t my strength – I was shaking and was I scared, but I knew I had to give my all and prepare, so that even if I failed, I would know that I tried and didn’t give up. Funnily enough, our team’s presentation was voted the best and I also got a call from Financial Times who interviewed me, and later gave me an apprenticeship position with a contract for 1 year.

After the year was up I had learned a lot, and now it was time for me to go out into the world and find a real job – I was sure I would get one within a couple of weeks. Even though I was receiving couple phone calls a day from recruiters, they all asked for more experience.

One step back

I needed money so I turned to the only source of income I knew.. warehouse! I was back where I started, and I was slowly giving up. Almost 6 months had passed and not a single interview.

The phone call

And then, one day I got the phone call I had been waiting for. I was asked to update my CV and went to the interview two days later. Today, because of that phone call, I’m working at The Challenge Network, in a full-time position.

Every day I learn so much. The people here are amazing, and I have to say, I couldn’t have dreamt a job could be so enjoyable – I’ve been here for over 7 months now and I still love Mondays! I’d like to say thank you the people who gave me the opportunity to change my life, and if I was to say something to the people who are still lost in life and who have lost their hope for the future, it would be:

“No matter how hard life kicks you and no matter how many times you find yourself laying in mud… Never give up, and always give your best, because you can only lose, if you stop fighting.” has just launched a new and improved BizAcademy programme with the help of Next Generation Academy and JUMP! Programmes. Learn more about how you can apply, here.