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Monthly Roundup: March Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Releases

By April 5, 2017

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), is the foundation of the Connected Nonprofit, and every two weeks we release new features, fixes and updates. To keep you in the loop about the great new updates coming out in NPSP, we’re providing a monthly roundup, so you can get the latest and greatest information on our product!

NPSP Community Sprint

NPSP is developed using a unique model designed to provide Community- Driven Innovation. Our model brings together a dedicated developer team with a robust community of users to accelerate innovation. Multiple times a year, our trailblazing community of admins at nonprofits, implementation partners, app partners, and developers come together for two days of nothing but making our nonprofit CRM product, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) better for everyone else through our Community Sprint.

On March 21-22nd, over 80 community trailblazers met in Baltimore, MD to do just that!

NPSP Sprint

Take a look at what our attendees shared:

    “It was truly inspiring to connect with a community that is so open to both sharing what they know and learning from everyone with something to contribute.”

    “I continue to be amazed at the many ways we can contribute to this community – Wow!”

    “If only every conference I attended could be this effective in providing a learning experience, a chance to network and connect with colleagues and an opportunity to give back and make an impact for so many organizations.”

Check out the full twitter feed.

Read Heller Consulting’s NPSP Spring overview and check out the World Class Industrial Network’s NPSP Sprint experience.

Use Path with Engagement Plans

Salesforce Spring ‘17 release allows you to create a “Path” for any object which has a picklist! One great use case is to use them with our Engagement Plans feature. Engagement plans are personalized, repeatable plans to engage donors and volunteers. You will need to add a Status picklist to the Engagement Plan if you want to do this right now. Learn more about Path and learn more about Engagement Plans.

org 62 engagement plan screenshot

Improved NPSP Data Import

This idea came from a HUB Idea! If a data import has Salesforce Contact ID, Account ID, or Household ID populated, they can be used for matching against existing records. In addition, there is a new matching rule for Last Name, First Name, Phone Number. This gives administrators even greater control over exactly what happens when they import data using the NPSP utility. Organizations can now import a file of donations with only the Contact or Account Id, and take advantage of the options we provide for handling Opportunities. To learn more, see the NPSP Data Import Guide.

NPSP Data Import Screenshot


NPSP package now includes French and Dutch translations and various updates were made to the German, Japanese, and Spanish translations. Many thanks to the team at Profit4SF, a partner in The Netherlands, who donated the Dutch translations!

Reporting Workbook

With our new reporting workbook, written with our community of users, you’ll learn how to take the pre-built reports in NPSP and customize them to your exact use case. Learn about powerful reporting features using real-world nonprofit scenarios by checking out the workbook.

Other Community Contributions

Relationship custom field sync (in NPSP 3.94). This was a Community Idea on the Power of Us Hub, which Thomas Taylor of Coolbrook Consulting took on and wrote the code.

These are just some of the recent release highlights. If you are interested in following our releases more closely, join the NPSP Release Announcements group in the HUB. We promise no spam and low volume (approximately one post per week).